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Synonyms for desuetude

the quality or state of being obsolete

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a state of inactivity or disuse

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Lors de nos sorties en haik, lors des manifestations visant a le rehabiliter, nous avons pris conscience d'une triste realite : ce voile propre a la femme algerienne etait en train de tomber dans l'oubli et la desuetude [beaucoup plus grand que], regrette-t-elle.
Each has roots in the late nineteenth century or early twentieth century, quickly fell into desuetude, and then did not see vigorous usage until the 1960s.
11) Desuetude is the idea that a legally authorized practice loses its authority when it falls out of usage long enough that a "negative custom" of non-usage has replaced it.
A compter de cette date, d'ailleurs, le writ of attaint tombe rapidement en desuetude, sauf dans les cas de veritable subornation de jures (57).
The desuetude doctrine, however, has never gained even a toehold in Anglo-American law.
There was drama just after the start when Ahmed Ajtebi crashed to the floor, having been dislodged from Godolphin's Desuetude on leaving the stalls.
For the first time, one saw the imposition of rules dial had, in the premodern Muslim world, deliberately slipped into desuetude.
Le nom de chacun devient alors un symptome revelateur des logiques sociales en place, en emergence ou en desuetude progressive.
Words like "transgressive" and "challenging" had just begun their bizarre mutation into terms of critical commendation, while traditional epithets such as "beautiful" "technically accomplished;' even "true" were drifting into desuetude.
74) The justification for desuetude is that statutes that remain on the books but are not generally enforced invite arbitrary, discriminatory, and undemocratic prosecutions.
In fact Windschuttle's whole coverage of the Policy's desuetude could well have been more elaborate.
For that reason, claims that Lawrence properly invalidated laws on the basis of a principle of desuetude overlook this substantial benefit of competitive federalism as an alternative way of generating new social norms.
38) Professor Tribe rejects the "realist" claim that the text of the document "may be discarded by desuetude and in any event represents supreme law only when actual practices conform to it.
The Court has revived the commerce clause as a limitation on federal power after some fifty-odd years of desuetude.
Lord Mayor's Day may safely be left to itself and to the growing sense of the people of London [that] the whole thing will die a natural death, or be consigned to a desuetude, the natural result of indifference.