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Synonyms for desuetude

the quality or state of being obsolete

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a state of inactivity or disuse

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Meanwhile of what moment is it that in our youth our grandmothers smoked malodorous pipes respectably, while in our desuetude our daughters smoke whatever satisfies?
I have no quarrel with permitting a criminal law to fall into genuine desuetude, but many of our criminal laws have achieved a peculiar status indeed--selective desuetude.
On pourrait aligner les formes masculines des adjectifs oralement bivalents (c'est-a-dire identiques a l'oral et a l'ecrit) sur les formes feminines et ecrire <<l'interet publique>>, <<l'air pure>>, tout comme on ecrit deja <<un succes magnifique>>, l'ancienne forme masculine <<magnific>> etant tombee en desuetude. Afin d'eviter que le masculin l'emporte sur le feminin, le pluriel des adjectifs a finale vocalique pourrait se faire en -z (forme empruntee a l'ancien francais et qu'il suffirait de reactiver) quand l'adjectif qualifie a la fois un mot masculin et un mot feminin ou un epicene (les militants et militantes convaincuz, les responsables deleguez).
`You have already made it pretty clear that your supervisory control of Food and Agriculture has largely fallen in desuetude. I am myself convinced that the system which the Opposition describes as "the rule of Overlords" is not necessary now that the war emergency has receded and the Armament programme is spread.'[28] Here is another intriguing though unlikely justification for creating the loverlordships' in October 1951.
The ECCL would begin with back issues of all small, conservative journals, starting with materials in danger of falling into permanent desuetude. Current issues and more widely known journals would be added gradually.
Urban farms were built over or fell into desuetude, and urban dwellers became increasingly alienated from the land, to the point where most have no idea how their food is produced or where it comes from beyond the freezer case.
Finally, during the Enlightenment, the aubain laws fell into desuetude as discussions of citizenship tipped the balance decisively in favor of individual rights as opposed to duties, framing their elaboration - particularly during the Revolution - in constitutional terms best expressed in the Code Civile.
It is doubtless true that in the age of liberal democracy (the "end of history"), the idea of political founding seems remote, but it is a stretch to lump the pathologies of the contemporary family together with the desuetude of the idea of founding.
He then describes how modern law addresses this unfairness under the legal doctrine of desuetude (pp.
The most formidable of ways to relate ideas to non-ideas, the Marxian, has also fallen into desuetude, at least partly because its guiding metaphor of a superstructure built upon or arising from a base no longer seems persuasive.
As Thorstein Veblen once put it, changing conditions of life lead to changing habits of thought, the falling away of patterns of behavior through desuetude.
Apparemment, a l'instar de la filiere haute de gamme destinee aux visiteurs de [beaucoup moins que]luxe[beaucoup plus grand que], le tourisme de [beaucoup moins que]masse[beaucoup plus grand que] moisit dans la desuetude, en depit de son entrain exponentiel.
And finally, longstanding overt nonenforcement policies might eventually give rise to a desuetude defense against future retrospective enforcement.
Gere par l'APC depuis l'independance, cet espace a fini dans la desuetude. Une etude a ete lancee pour l'amenagement de ce centre pour les petits colons qui entrera en service des l'ete prochain, mais pas seulement.