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the quality of causing destruction

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Media should highlight the possible destructiveness of the war, especially when it is fought between two nuclear powers.
through triumphs and destructiveness," she said in a Facebook post.
The rowdiness and destructiveness on their part only causes inconvenience to people and erodes any sympathy for them.
The lesson from history is not that such savageness will never happen again but, rather, that there is an unfettered human capacity to invent and re-invent the wheel of destructiveness. Professor Timothy Snyder's new book, The Road to Unfreedom, paints a bleak picture of the future.
In my 16 years as an incorrigible addict, I witnessed first hand the destructiveness of addiction.
In the positive analysis with complete information, we examine the more general situation where the destructiveness of fighting is endogenously increasing in arms or combative inputs.
The Trappist monk Thomas Merton wrote in early 1960, "The most obvious characteristic of our age is its destructiveness."
It would surely, however, have been folly to announce in advance that we would sue for peace if Luftwaffe raids on London exceeded some tolerable level of destructiveness.
Warming waters may boost the destructiveness of future typhoons.
Egypt needs a complete de-Mubarakization The failure of Egypt to move away from the past and create a better future is testimony of the depth of the cancer Mubarak inflicted on Egypt and the resilient destructiveness of his three decades in power.
It was soon used for something similar to a plague in destructiveness, such as a plant or animal that is harmful to crops.
The themes give voice to a passionate rage at human greed and destructiveness (many paintings offer ironic commentary on the destruction of natural lands or historically, the native people who lived on those lands in the American West), and an equally passionate love of the natural world and those who can live in peace in it.
Metrology tools are judged according to their accuracy, cost, speed and destructiveness to the sample.
What people don't know is what Olmsted meant by "Contemplative." He sure did not mean destructiveness or such ventures of what I see as suicidal behavior!
PERHAPS history may record Margaret Thatcher's destructiveness.