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capable of being destroyed

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For some of the aliens a direct hit is enough, others can be killed only with a ricochet, the most powerful ones are destroyable only after several strikes.
The game has some nice touches such as destroyable environments - I always appreciate it when effort has gone into making a game feel realistic.
And then poor little me as well, that is, the unimportant person that is me--the person of all people, who taken by themselves--are 'unimportant,' fragile, easily destroyable, extinguishable by the millions--it is at this intersection, where my text originates" (Jelinek, "Es gibt keine Moglichkeit" 16).
polyolefin), in order to make the end product destroyable as well.
Originating in Buddhist thought and deriving from the Sanskrit term loka-dhatu, shijie in its original use perceives the world as ever-changing and destroyable.