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Synonyms for destroy

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Synonyms for destroy

to pull down or break up so that reconstruction is impossible

to take the life of (a person or persons) unlawfully

to impair severely something such as the spirit, health, or effectiveness of

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Synonyms for destroy

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But the soul which cannot be destroyed by an evil, whether inherent or external, must exist for ever, and if existing for ever, must be immortal?
That is the conclusion, I said; and, if a true conclusion, then the souls must always be the same, for if none be destroyed they will not diminish in number.
I estimated that the winter of 1854-55 destroyed four-fifths of the birds in my own grounds; and this is a tremendous destruction, when we remember that ten per cent.
On the confines of its geographical range, a change of constitution with respect to climate would clearly be an advantage to our plant; but we have reason to believe that only a few plants or animals range so far, that they are destroyed by the rigour of the climate alone.
"No one has ever destroyed her before, so I naturally thought she would make slaves of you, as she has of the rest.
The Tin Woodman and the Scarecrow are destroyed, and the Lion is tied up in your yard.
CRITO: Clearly, affecting the body; that is what is destroyed by the evil.
SOCRATES: And will life be worth having, if that higher part of man be destroyed, which is improved by justice and depraved by injustice?
Arms collected in the aftermath of a peace settlement, if not quickly secured and expeditiously destroyed, will often be dispersed into the community, exacerbating instability and violent crime, or fuelling new conflicts.
Before its collections could be fully removed it was hit by rockets, set alight and within months 70 per cent of its contents were destroyed or looted.
Also, garlic, cayenne, echinacea and pau d'arco will destroy harmful bacteria and germs common with the West Nile Virus and other infections.
The best way to protect your business is to physically destroy the hard drive--the platters, or disks, inside the drive that store information, says Bill A.
And the same people who want to destroy the Boy Scouts are working hard to destroy America.
Just as leisure is beginning to destroy the planet, it corrodes everything we have made in it.
Six years ago, WHO's member nations resolved to destroy all stocks of the virus by June 1999 (SN: 6/8/96, p.