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an event that causes a loss of equilibrium (as of a ship or aircraft)

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Russian Novosti news agency quoted Syromolotov as saying Thursday that the development of the situation in Afrin is fabricated due to the US actions and it can truly lead to even greater destabilization in this region,"
Ankara assured us that the efforts made by the Turkish troops do not contradict the work that Turkey is conducting and will continue to conduct in the area of political settlement in Syria- At the same time, the developments of the situation in Afrin, provoked by the actions of the United States among other things, can lead to even greater destabilization in this region," Syromolotov told Sputnik in an interview.
Asked to elaborate about the alleged destabilization efforts, Roque said the issues being thrown against the administration could be part of efforts to 'discredit' the government.
Franklin Drilon said the administration should be open to criticisms and use these to improve governance and not consider them as destabilization moves.
Turkey has long served as a bulwark for Europe against shifting boundaries, destabilization in the Middle East and Russian influence
According to the same source, the majority of these ministers have been able to overcome the resistance of some EU Member States that are fearing the move could lead to the destabilization of Lebanon, where Hezbollah have huge influence, and harm Europe's political dialogue with the country.
Washington - Failure to settle the Sahara issue continues to hamper anti-terrorism cooperation in North Africa, a region beset by destabilization threats of Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) network, said on Tuesday US terrorism expert, Daniel Benjamin.
Afterwards, all of us will have to learn much more difficult lessons on how to recover from a serious destabilization.
March 27,2011 The last of Arab rulers to flock to Assad of Syria' s help were the Emir of Doha/Qatar Muhammad al-Thani and Sabah al-Jaber al-Sabbah who expressed in a phone call today full support for the Assad regime in the face of attempts aimed at destabilization as he termed them.
of destabilization linked with the 18-year-old conflict there.
Because it is the first widely recognized global environmental crisis, and because its primary chemical driver, carbon-dioxide, is deeply rooted in the very DNA of the industrial political economy, climate destabilization prepares the way for crucial conversations that previously have been difficult or impossible to initiate.
Also, is Pakistan saying that if domestic destabilization occurs, it could opt to use nuclear weapons against India?
The government postponed action on climate destabilization and tried to cover their tracks with a wishy-washy anti-pollution program.
According to 60 percent of respondents, however, the growth of CDS contracts presents a risk for destabilization of the nation's credit markets, with some foreseeing issues such as cascading defaults, appropriate pricing, credit concentration and a related lack of transparency.