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Synonyms for despotical

belonging to or having the characteristics of a despot


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Politics ceases to be immanent, and becomes increasingly vicarious until it is nonexistent or is replaced by despotical rule, under at least three conditions: 1) the extent that it is conducted only by representatives, 2) the extent to which discourse and deliberation are separated from their culmination in direct action, and 3) the extent that rights-violating behavior (the threat or use of initiatory physical force) pervades the relationship.
and despotical (power) over such as have no property at all" (parentesis nuestro).
Then, the losing soldiers (if and only if their cause was unjust) forfeit all their rights: "And thus captives, taken in a just and lawful war, and such only, are subject to a despotical power, which .
He currently is working on a collection of essays on Machiavelli's Prince and revising a long article on the modern rehabilitation of the despotical character of Hobbes's thought.
Thus, if the two streams of popular movements mentioned above chart a particular course through history, one which was eventually to lead to Western civilisation, the Jewish-Greek-Christian and later European sphere, that of the implicit popular project and particularly popular revolt is one we might rather call planetary, even though it was restricted to civilisations (not including the so-called "primitive" cultures) which instituted forms of oppressive and despotical power.