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Synonyms for despotic

Synonyms for despotic

characterized by or favoring absolute obedience to authority

Synonyms for despotic

belonging to or having the characteristics of a despot


ruled by or characteristic of a despot

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characteristic of an absolute ruler or absolute rule

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They too have a warped view of their past, misinterpreting religious texts to support their despotic rule, and like the Nazis they would gladly eradicate those people who do not share their very narrow world view.
As such, Turkey has turned into a fully qualified despotic regime.
This notice involves a contract for the study entitled Study of a Listed Building Rehabilitation Despotic for Housing Public Library Areopolis in the final design stage and detailed design.
In this hysterical revolutionary zeal the founder of the Islamic Republic, Ayatollah Khomeini, went as far as denouncing America as "satanic" and, hiding behind this hypocritical slogan, conducted bloody purges against all those democratic forces that opposed the regime's despotic and repressive policies using the excuse that their actions were in defence of Islam.
The world went along with this despotic system for years.
The Zionist regime (Israel) collaborates with despotic rulers in the world and uses the influence of arrogant powers such as the US to engage in establishing terror training camps across the globe," he said.
April 7, 2010, has become the beginning of the end of all despotic regimes on the plant, Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan Almazbek Atambaev said today at the opening ceremony of the memorial to those who died during the April 7 events in Bishkek.
What is the difference between selling arms to an unstable and despotic regime and that regime using the arms to murder their own innocent people?
Years later, the now full-grown Simba (Matthew Broderick) chances upon his former sweetheart Nala (Moira Kelly), who tells of Scar's despotic reign.
The workshop, dedicated to youths belonging to liberal political parties and the Arab Liberal Youth Union, aims to assess the role of Arab youths, notably among the liberals, in building up a healthy democratic society after their active contribution in overthrowing the despotic regimes.
Governments across the West who supported the rebels will breathe a great sigh of relief if the rebels can complete their ousting of the despotic, murderous Gaddafi clan and take hold of the reins of power in Libya.
He encounters trouble in a desolate town and finds himself pursued by a despotic leader who will stop at nothing to get his hands on the text.
5 million in compensation to Hannibal Gaddafi; the Ministry of Foreign affairs has announced that the money--which was paid to the son of despotic Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi via a blocked German bank account--has been returned to the Swiss government.
Iran, a majority Shi'ite country, has welcomed popular uprisings in the Arab world, calling them an "Islamic awakening" against despotic rulers, and it says the revolts were influenced by its own 1979 Islamic Revolution.
NNA - 23/2/2011 - House Speaker, Nabih Berri, said on Wednesday "what Libya witnesses nowadays shows that the despotic regime of Gadhafi is built on repression and using force against the people.