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with desperation


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"For a time perhaps," she agreed, a little despondently. "But obligations always grow up.
The gentlemen all came together; the gentlemen were all hungry together; the gentlemen all gave their orders together -- " She stopped, and tapped her head again, despondently, with the tattered old book.
For a few moments he sat despondently. Suddenly he jumped to his feet, with his eyes blazing and all the signs of intense cerebral excitement.
The inspector shook his head despondently, however.
"I am sure I know none of them," she answered despondently.
I was engaged just then in eating despondently a piece of stale Dutch cheese, being too much crushed to care what I swallowed myself, let along bothering my head about Falk's ideas of gastronomy.
"If you had heard the tone of her voice when she asked him whether he was in earnest, you would not talk to me like this," he said despondently. "I wish he had never come here."
"As a fan, I am deprived of everything that made me love football," he despondently told AFP after the lacklustre hosts were knocked out Saturday by South Africa in the round of 16.
"For more than two thousand years, we have kept the language in our hearts", George Za'arour, 67, a Maaloula native son, and an academic specialising in Aramaic, who is also author of several books on the subject, was recently quoted in an AFP news report as saying, seemingly despondently. "We are the last people on earth who have the honour of speaking it".
Throwing himself at a sword, he cried despondently: "How great an artist dies in me."
Khawaja didnacutet last much longer, despondently trudging off for 21 after Agarwal took another catch from spinner Ravindra Jadeja, who was finding the rough.
"Any other thoughts?" asked the priest despondently.
It is true that previous government has bequeathed an extremely shambolic economy with a lot of circular debt and despondently poor balance of payments.
The studio audience clap despondently in the trees as Theresaabseils to the ground dressed as a giant sequinned eagle.
"Could you please repeat the question because I didn't follow it?" There was laughter and a comment of "Oh wow" from the SNP benches as Linden despondently repeated the question slowly.