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Synonyms for despondent

Synonyms for despondent

having lost all hope

Synonyms for despondent

without or almost without hope


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For a minute he was still, and with the same despondent face gazed at the baby; but all at once a smile, that moved his hair and the skin of his forehead, came out on his face, and he went as softly out of the room.
There are always on board ship, a Sanguine One, and a Despondent One.
In his light protestations of admiration of my future husband, in his enthusiasm regarding our engagement and our prospects, in his hopeful congratulations on our future wealth and his despondent references to his own poverty--all equally hollow, and jesting, and full of mockery--I saw it clearly.
But before the Prince had time to feel despondent the black girl beckoned to him in the distance from behind a rock, where she had hidden herself for fear her mother should catch sight of her.
She had put the idea into my head and now (so little are women to be counted on) she appeared to take a despondent view of it.
It is as if I were glad of a chance to take advantage of his being alone and despondent! A strange face may seem unpleasant or painful to him at this moment of sorrow; besides, what can I say to him now, when my heart fails me and my mouth feels dry at the mere sight of him?" Not one of the innumerable speeches addressed to the Emperor that he had composed in his imagination could he now recall.
The children, feeling sad and despondent, were about to follow him when the Wizard touched Dorothy softly on her shoulder.
"But why are you all so despondent?" inquired the Woggle-Bug.
Sometimes he was peevish and hard to please, sometimes he growled because his reader could not manage the dry books he wished to hear, and sometimes he was so despondent that her heart ached to see him.
Was the plumbing sub-contracted to Mother Nature?" despondent had a bright idea: "Well it's somewhere to site the fair if Greenhead Park is swampy - once you've shifted the taxis."
Well, we always lost to countries who played the game reasonably well, so we'dhave to pick matches against, say,Outer Mongolia or the Falklands so we could pick up a win and stop ourselves getting too despondent.
RACING Club Warwick lost out 2-1 at home to Coalville Town but manager Marcus Law was far from despondent.
A wicked strike by Darryl Clare in the 57th minute consigned them to a backs-to-the-wall fight in their remaining ten games, but boss Alvin Martin is not too despondent.
despondent: "No doubt you would be laughing your socks off if it was raining as you sat inside in the dry.
If we got too despondent after going behind, we may have lost the game."