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lose confidence or hope

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4) Despond O et al study also has shown male predominance that is 74 males and 23 females in Quincke group and 71 males and 26 females in Whitacre group.
This is an old device of Satan, to weigh us down and cause us to despond of the mercy of Allah.
Mark careens from rage to despond and back again, while the two service workers in his so-called audience remain glued to their smartphones.
Bunyan's protagonist Christian departs from the City of Corruption and endures misadventures in the Slough of Despond, capture by the hostile giant Despair, the guile of Mr.
THE more I watch the current circus going on with the Labour party election, the more I despond as to when we will have a credible opposition to the Tories.
Or, to come over all wispy anyway, because that's how I still feel, a deep, tragic well of despond.
We may not be doomed to the Lake of Fire if we break one, but we may find ourselves in the Slough of Despond if we sin too often and fail to develop our people-searching skills.
Years of trudging through an economic slough of despond, guarded by German warders, have left the states of the European Union's south near to despair.
The obvious provisions are that you don't leap off the deep end into a slough of despond and that you tailor the appeal so participation seems logical for those who exist within the segment.
When wrestling with this or that problem, I still wander that metaphorical landscape, the one I learned all those years ago, thinking with the Slough of Despond or Giant Despair, perhaps with the Delectable Mountains and the River of Death.
Whoever sold us this lemon knew nothing about the wearying routines of daily living, the trough of despond, battling with the insults of adversity.
But it is precisely here, Fassin concludes, that, rather than a renewal of faith, or a caterwaul of despond, "a capacity for surprise needs to be maintained" (page 244).
With this latest allegation of proselytization coming on to the already wounded psyche of the Christians from an internationally acclaimed spiritual leader of high personal integrity, the Christians are a tad disappointed and are perhaps once again finding themselves in the 'Slough of Despond.
The selections are organized chronologically into 15 sections: Sauk Center 1885-1903, New Haven and New Jersey 1903-8, Bohemia 1908-19, Main Street 1919-21, Zenith 1921-22, Hartford and England 1922-25; Paris 1925, Katonah 1925-26, Kansas City to Berlin 1926-27, At Large 1928-30, Stockholm 1930-31, Grub Street 1932-39, The Slough of Despond 1939-45, Thorvale Farm 1946-49, and World So Wide 1949-51.