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the act of stripping and taking by force

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They acted as "soldiers by day and rebels by night" to maximize their ability to prey on their own civil population, often coordinating with insurgent bands to deconflict the despoliation of villages where both forces were operating.
IN 2001, at the age of 62, Germaine Greer decided to acquire a rainforest - 60 acres of abandoned dairy farm in south-east Queensland that had been ruined by decades of wasteful timber felling, unwisely introduced species and commercially motivated despoliation of all kinds.
This time, communities must demand a high price for the despoliation, in the national interest, of our countryside.
To the majority of viewers the image was of urban despoliation.
Keystone is but one selfish despoliation of the prairie--oil and gas exploration, "fracking," unrestricted development and other intrusions chip away at that once vast and untamed part of our natural heritage.
There has been historic despoliation of these valleys through heavy industry.
There never actually were any Negro riots; they were either pure rumor and fantasy that grew from a rich soil of white fear of black violence (usually entailing the incipient despoliation of white womanhood) or another name for Republican Party political activity, at a time when politics was conducted out of doors and with high-spirited mass participation.
In regard to the former, we may ask: Do these works imply that their creators wish to avoid addressing the pressing issues of the times--including overpopulation, societal dysfunction, and ecospheric despoliation, escaping to the safety of the electronic atelier and thought-free obliviousness, i.
Ever since war has been a part of human history, its spoils have included the despoliation of the vagina.
As the body count rises, the two uncover a far-reaching plot that includes a sexslavery ring, art theft, and the despoliation of the Gulf of Mexico.
While connected by the broad issues of climate change and sustainable development, each woman faced different challenges whether it was sea-level rise, extreme weather events, famine, health crises, poverty, or natural resource despoliation.
In particular, Walrond is an astute chronicler of the dehumanization of labor and the despoliation of the landscape wrought by capitalist exploitation.
Of course, telling your friends, neighbors, coworkers and family members what you have learned about the potential despoliation of natural treasures, many in our own backyard, is also a big help.
If the development were to go ahead it would become Europe's largest building site adjacent to the National Coastal Path, a designated Heritage Coast and several environmental sites of international significance and it's difficult to see how one reconciles that despoliation with boosting tourism.
Paul's insistence that without the Resurrection, faith in Christ is futile, Johnston's comment is withering: "Here we have the real despoliation of Christ.