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the act of stripping and taking by force

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The use of language in his descriptions of the women that is redolent of moral codes of virginity and notions of despoilment and violent attack reinforces a central message of his satire, that of the need to preserve time-honored standards of female purity and the accompanying social structure that fosters and maintains them.
Here, 'Timber Slash' sought to create a strong connection of self-interest between the forest as a place of work and as a place of beauty, and to portray it as a place for the unfolding and despoilment of biophysical nature.
1: a digression about the reason for Dekeleia's being spared despoilment during the Peloponnesian war.
Marie's unconditional love of the cross was an integral aspect of her espousal and trinitarian mysticisms that culminated in the state of "the despoilment of the soul, the state of victim, and true and substantial spiritual poverty.
Just as the traumas of Partition are now being explored in literature and film with openness and creative freedom, Goans too have begun to look both at their past and the degradations and issues of the present: conversion; transformation of culture; caste and religious divisions that persist; the despoilment and exploitation of Goa's best resource, its environment; a headlong plunge into the culture of greed.
In the end, it would be unfair to say that Wright's poetry is uncritical of despoilment and Man's threat to the planet.
This is wonderful, but what of the feelings of Owners compelled to participate in a non-indigenous defined process to protect land and living systems already protected against despoilment by their own law?
The fisherman preserves stories of acts of violence and dreadful despoilment that are probably not historically based but which support his ill will against the British nation.
As the zone of the Office du Niger is entirely threatened by this same development policy and despoilment of the villagers, how in these circumstances can this claim to be decentralization?
Griffiths (1996) discovered that from an Aboriginal standpoint, the despoilment of land due to European colonisation creates a "wilderness".
THE ESTIMATED 645,000 Africans who were brought to America as slaves had something that gave them identity and from which they could not be parted despite the violence of capture, the horrors of the middle passage, and the despoilment of slavery-their native language.
IN SIBERIA | Colin Thubron (2000): In this solemn, somewhat melancholy travelogue, veteran British travel writer Colin Thubron explores the vast expanse of Siberia--its untamed wilderness, ecological despoilment, and, most of all, its troubled but hopeful inhabitants, whose warmth and generosity belie their hardscrabble lives.
In her preface to Eagle Pass, she proclaims it to be "a blot on the very name of Christianity" and an "inexorable system of despoilment and extermination" (v).
Director James Cameron articulates an ethic of environmentalism through their eyes as they react to the despoilment of their planet by the Sky People, natives of Earth who mine Pandora for the precious substance "unobtanium.
He has been depicted as the promoter of a murderous policy of war and despoilment.