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the act of stripping and taking by force

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IN SIBERIA | Colin Thubron (2000): In this solemn, somewhat melancholy travelogue, veteran British travel writer Colin Thubron explores the vast expanse of Siberia--its untamed wilderness, ecological despoilment, and, most of all, its troubled but hopeful inhabitants, whose warmth and generosity belie their hardscrabble lives.
After a campaign by Save Our Scenery that has lasted over four years to stop the despoilment of our seascape by wind farms, the Government has ridden roughshod over local democracy," he added.
Smith thus characterizes England in colonial terms, ranking England's ongoing despoilment with foreign ventures in Peru and India.
More important, the audience remains essentially passive, lurching back and forth between better-designed campaigns for war and peace, mass slaughter of farm animals and vegetarianism, despoilment of the environment and conservation.
They will hopefully also hear about those who drew the parallels between the sex trade and the slave trade, and pointed out that as hundreds of Eastern European girls are raped daily in the West, so continues the despoilment of Africa by the West.
In such a despoilment, financial crash was just a matter of time and that time came on 17 August 1998, devastating millions of Russians for the second time after the hyperinflation of 1992.
Describing the easily romanticized pioneering era in Upper Canada, for example, Baskerville is careful to point out that our understanding of progress must be tempered by the recognition that the colony's development affected its inhabitants in profoundly different ways; that the physical process of settlement meant the displacement of Native people and the despoilment of the environment.
In our annual Ten Worst Corporations of the Year feature, we try to highlight in stark terms the consequences of unrestrained corporations: despoilment of the natural environment, infliction of preventable disease on people, smashing of workers' democratically controlled unions, retaliation against the whistleblowers who seek to call attention to egregious corporate abuses, invasions of privacy, denial of care to the sick, needless endangering of consumers, and more.
imperialism of the Caribbean and Central America, the embargo of Iraq, economic injustice in this country and the despoilment of the earth.
By accepting free concessions granted by the government, the settlers participated in this despoilment.
Greater Los Angeles is no longer the wide-open west, so both county and city governments need to start taking a different approach to growth and despoilment of our environment.