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the act of stripping and taking by force

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fulfillment of its promise to return Indian property, the systematic despoilation of the Creek Nation commenced.
The country suffers from poverty, illiteracy, disease, crime and environmental despoilation.
In these days of social concern and environment awareness, it isn't just bearded lentil-eaters who want an assurance that when it comes to investing their money they are not indirectly contributing to exploitation of workers or despoilation of the landscape.
Angry of Tunbridge Wells went apoplectic over the despoilation of rural England by cavalry columns of ton-up boys.
60) Public intervention can prevent private despoilation of built environmental resources that otherwise would be wasted, leaving us with urban centers that have no spirit.
With entire species disappearing as a result of man's continued despoilation of the planet, this may be among the last records of one of nature's mysterious treasure troves.
that Jerusalem is a metaphor for heaven and the dark Satanic mills refer to the despoilation of our natural beauty ("And was Jerusalem builded here among these dark Satanic mills?
Anticipating this and other later ecofeminist theories linking war and violence against nature, Hemingway in In Our Time implicitly draws parallels between suicide, rape (in "Up in Michigan," the story which would have opened the collection but was deemed too explicit to be publishable in 1920s America), the psychological and emotional spousal abuse in "The Doctor and the Doctor's Wife," the despoilation of the earth, and the global, systemic, patriarchal violence of the First World War.
Its demise ushered in uncertainty, loss, despoilation, persecution and death for many of them.
Villagers from Cwmllynfell and neighbouring communities are fighting the proposals on the ground of noise and dust pollution and despoilation of the countryside.
Sir, - A very clear colour photograph accompanied Charisse Ede's article (Post, Feb 18) showing the state of the 40-acre wildlife haven in Vincent Drive after the despoilation thereof by unauthorised "off the road" vehicles and their racing drivers, who had even increased the scope of their activities by cutting down trees with the use of chainsaws.
Furthermore, the burdens to be borne, as stated in parliament by David Miliband, will not fall on those who have for generations profited from global despoilation, the wealthy.
And why does Wales need to produce 10pc of the country's needs with all its despoilation when we are only 5pc of the population?