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Synonyms for despiteful

Synonyms for despiteful

showing malicious ill will and a desire to hurt

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These are just the rumors of biased and despiteful media which are seeking to sow discord among the regional states, specially Iran and Iraq," Majid al-Sheikh said, addressing a conference in Tehran.
AaAa The participants in the meeting, held by the Moroccan centre for Strategic Research and Studies on the Cases of Torture in the Polisario's prisons, underlined "the Algerian regime's responsibility for the demeaning and despiteful treatment of the Tindouf prisoners.
lt;p>In his letter to President Ali Abdullah Saleh handed over to the Yemeni ambassador in Syria Abdul-Wahab Tawaf, Bouchkouj said that "I follow with concern and anger reports on the bloody fight you forced to go through by a group of saboteurs using Islam as a cover to their despiteful purposes"
This kind of infidelitie of al others is most horrible & execrable, when as men do rushe headlong into such obstinate resistance, that they wil not only not acquaint themselves with the trueth, being layd open before their eyes, but will wittingly shut up their senses from the beholding thereof, because they will not see it, & wil spourne thereat not in words and profession only, but wil cruelly persecute the same also wt al maner of outrage, slaughter & blood, blasphemies & most despiteful execrations.