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Despite the chill wind, I had a fantastic day at Chase town (left) and I look forward to seeing their rise through the leagues in the coming seasons.
Gay hit a 7-foot floater to put Poly back on top with 1:01 remaining, and the Parrots held on despite Gay missing three of four free throws to end the game.
Despite the mufti of Australia's pronouncement that a woman without a hijab is like a piece of raw meat, despite our exporting of fundamentalism and all its misogynist works to Canada, I sense a slight winter solstice turn toward the light.
A close look at some parts of the recently proposed budget reveals that despite some modest cuts in some areas, the Bush administration will continue to fund unconstitutional programs and initiatives of dubious value, while increasing the cost of government through continued borrowing.
Despite his understandable enthusiasm to make a mark (initially pursuing Cor-Ten and concrete options), an understanding and interpretation of planning codes, and a close working relationship with his own budget (funded through a personal mortgage) made certain decisions inevitable.
It does so despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary.
Long Island City is being positioned as the new answer to Midtown rents--just as Midtown South was the affordable alternative after the tech-wreck and just as Downtown should be, but is not, despite restoration of transportation and beautiful, bountiful Class A space for less than $37 per square foot.
Bodett has one of those distinctly American voices; despite being easily identifiable as a spokesman for a motel chain, he still sounds like everybody's brother.
In other words, despite the avalanche of Liberal rhetoric, despite the best attempts by the CBC, the Globe and Mail and other keepers of the national conscience, to brand opponents as homophobic bigots, the great social experiment, the one by which Canada will take its place as the third country in the world where Bob can "marry" Ray and settle in connubial bliss, has not yet gained traction with a skeptical electorate.
The performance of Japanese tech stocks has been even worse, despite a digital consumer electronics boom that helped to support stock prices in 2004.
Despite the importance of the topic, one colleague's comment summarized the general feeling: "We didn't cause this mess
Despite endless talk about "authenticity" and "Brand DNA," Detroit continues to sell cars with little of either via discounted prices and low interest rates.
Benign and easily accessible to all, despite the source.
If you're pregnant and living in one of our many cities with unacceptable air quality, consider this: A study released last June by the Columbia University Center for Children's Environmental Health demonstrates that developing fetuses are more susceptible to DNA damage caused by combustion-related pollutants than their mothers are, despite protection by the placenta.