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Synonyms for despised

treated with contempt

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Summary: A poll has found one of the UK's most despised professions, banking, is now one of the most popular career ambitions for teenagers.
They asked about well-regarded individuals (like George Clooney) or despised individuals (like Saddam Hussein).
Jesus Christ gave himself to the weak, to the despised, to the forsaken; and because of this identification, Christ was himself despised and rejected.
Blair, however, is probably top of the list of my most despised British politicians of all time.
Brussels sprouts have for too long been despised and neglected.
DESPISED ICON: Day of MourningVerdict: HHHHI IT'S been a year to savour for those of a death metal persuasion.
2 : the state of being despised <He holds them in contempt.
Teachers and other adults are either beloved by the students because they are permissive pushovers, or despised because of their nasty personal hygiene habits and insistence upon discipline.
A secularist paper-tiger dictator, despised by the Islamist lunatics behind the September II attacks.
In the course of this deftly written novel, Calliope becomes aware of some amazing family secrets and meets ancient Hellenic gods who materialize from Olympian legend and lore to compel Calliope to utilize her training in metaphysical and battle arts as part of a spiritual journey culminating in a life-and-death confrontation with her family's despised enemy.
When elements of his former existence try to drag him back into daily routine he despised, friends both old and new are his only chance of escape.
In the center of fiercely a conservative, passionately Mormon state, Moore's liberal and anti-President Bush views were harshly despised by a vociferous portion of the community.
Over the last two years we have taken in 30 children belonging to a clan despised by the Somalis--they work in iron and in leather, are barbers, and are hunters of small game.
Although Hauser is despised as a fun-killing kook by most pro skaters, some companies find his encyclopedic knowledge of skating useful to avoid ABDs.
His efforts to become "more English" had the tragic effect, upon his return to India, of making him despised by everyone, the English and Indian alike.