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Synonyms for despisal

the feeling of despising

Synonyms for despisal

a feeling of scornful hatred


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To the Romanians, for example, Jews and gypsies have been when object of sympathy, when targets of the most severe despisal.
The common thread, the unifying idea behind the rise of Islamic fundamentalism and also the separate (although not separately seen by western media or governments) moderate and secular hatred and despisal of the U.
That despisal is a direct legislative interference in the independence of the judiciary.
This is the utmost degeneration of the human relationships: what was supposed to be fraternal love has turned into murder, and Teo's and Poli's despisal for the value of the familial bonds is best represented in the choice of this oxymoron: violence and love signified together.
While we recognize the impossibility of reading Bobby and Jolly as modern counterparts to Orestes and Electra, we might not want to resist the comparison that recognizes the bond they share in being separated and reunited, in their love and despisal of their mother, in the way Jolly complains to her returned brother of her tribulations, in the reliance on him and the comfort she takes in telling her husband Carl at the end of their play that Bob will be with her: "he's the only one who knows .