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changing from an adsorbed state on a surface to a gaseous or liquid state

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In soils, the bioavailability and transport of dioxins are regulated by the processes of sorption and desorption in addition to certain others (Kukkonen et al., 2004; Koelman et al., 2006).
On the other hand, desorption mechanism is defined as the release of metal ions from different process of retention.
This study aimed to determine hysteresis, enthalpy, entropy, enthalpy-entropy compensation theory and Gibbs free energy related to water adsorption and desorption in 'Malagueta' pepper seeds.
Keeping in view importance of sorption studies of pesticides, the present study focuses on adsorption desorption characteristics of benzimidazole based fungicide Benomyl on selected agricultural soils of Pakistan.
Adsorption is usually a primary process for the accumulation of heavy metals in soils while desorption is a main process for the removal.
The present study carried out experiments to test the change of coal resistivity during adsorption and desorption of gas, with the aim of specifying a new method of predicting coal gas content.
The extraction efficiency of 7 pyrethroids was studied with stirring rates ranging from 0 to 1250 rpm when the other conditions were fixed, including extraction time of 20 min and desorption at 280[degrees]C for 5 min.
Desorption heat can be reflected by the temperature changes in the system.
To study the kinetics of hydrogen adsorption and desorption in such structures, three sets of the nc-SiC films containing mixtures of cubic and rhombohedral phases (3C + 21 R polytypic) were deposited on the single-crystalline Cu substrates.
This model is particularly suited to highly ionic systems and provides a natural extension to higher energy excitation, as well as to excitation by photons in photon-stimulated desorption (PSD), X-ray PSD (XPSD), and X-ray-induced electron-stimulated desorption (XESD) studies.
where [P.sub.pesticide in sample extract] is the area of the peak corresponding to the pesticide in a sample extract, [P.sub.pesticide standard] is the area of the peak corresponding to the pesticide in a standard solution, [f.sub.1] is the ratio of theoretical volume of an acetonitrile supernatant above the frozen fat layer to volume of an acetonitrile supernatant taken from above the frozen fat layer, [f.sub.2] is the ratio of theoretical volume of an acetonitrile supernatant after desorption to volume of an acetonitrile supernatant after desorption, taken for evaporation.
Pseudo second order kinetics best described the biosorption data while desorption results showed that Cu2+ was stable on DN surface.
For desorption, elution solvent ethanol-water (95%, v/v) solution was 4.5 BV; flow rate was 2.0 BV*h-1.