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in grief-stricken loneliness

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The afternoon was desolately fine and the ground, with its pavilion and enclosures, looked blighted and forsaken.
In History, Lowell more desolately changes "Tank" to "Blank"--an inspired depiction, perhaps, of the earliest case of writer's block.
Pakistan has although established regulatory authorities while media in general may have a desire as well as sensitivity for self regulation under code of ethics but have desolately failed to attain the level of morality as exhibited in civilized world.
For all of the acute and apt sensitivity to painting so evident throughout his best poems, it is nevertheless his literariness that is most extraordinary; nothing is more representatively late-Mahonish than a poem beginning in a state of encounter with the outside world, only to modulate quickly into bookish discursivity, as if the answer will always be found in a book he has just read; so "Smoke" starts with the smoking of a fag, and makes its desolately witty way via Lady Bracknell to the father of the carnivalesque:
He desolately concluded by writing: "Right wing views, left wing opinions from every angle, but all seemingly going nowhere.
The third movement, "The Abyss of the Birds," is one of the most demanding clarinet solos ever written, desolately and harrowingly brooding on the sorrow of Time, with some relief from the composer's beloved blackbird song.
Beats have fallen away from the poem as desolately as the falling leaves.
A light breeze riddled with fine salt crystals washed over the desolately beautiful landscape, scattering dust across the desert and howling through the bone dry wadis.
The camerawork features intimate interior interview scenes, sweeping panoramic shots of the desolately beautiful Atacama landscape, and stunning celestial images.
Those same lines that concluded Kanafani's novella, echoing from the desert desolation, resound again, some forty-four years later, no less desolately but every bit as demandingly, in the memoir by former Guantanamo detainee Moazzam Begg, Enemy Combatant (2006), who recals one of his many transports to yet another interrogation during what the "British Muslim" describes as the "most profound and difficult period of my life to date" (xiv):
Then Chi-hon, the favorite son, desolately mulls over his lack of gratitude for her many sacrifices, and her drunken, philandering husband repents his angry words and cruel deeds.
Martin Davidson, commissioning editor for history on the BBC, said of the series: "The heartache and happiness associated with finding the right partner and setting up home (or not) resonate as brightly - and occasionally, as desolately - today as when first committed to private diaries 250 years ago.
The work in progress depicts a man standing desolately by the side of a road that bends until it disappears into a burning, apocalyptic orange sunset.
In the end, the reason for the great difficulty in the construction programme was simple: the Italian motorways of the era were desolately empty, not only to Italian eyes but in those of contemporaries--and so much more so in the case of the foreign visitors who came with such interest and curiosity to see them.
Bottles of vinegar huddled desolately on the empty shop shelves, making the shelves seem even emptier.