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Synonyms for desolate

Synonyms for desolate

Synonyms for desolate

leave someone who needs or counts on you

reduce in population


Related Words

cause extensive destruction or ruin utterly

providing no shelter or sustenance

crushed by grief

References in classic literature ?
And to the stern King his home seemed more desolate and sad; for he missed the warm light, the happy flowers, and, more than all, the gay voice and bright face of little Violet.
Darker and more desolate seemed his stately home, and when the Fairies asked for flowers, he felt ashamed that he had none to give them.
His own, so cold and dark and dreary, his empty gardens where no flowers could bloom, no green trees dwell, or gay birds sing, all desolate and dim;--and while he gazed, his own Spirits, casting off their dark mantles, knelt before him and besought him not to send them forth to blight the things the gentle Fairies loved so much.
If this woman had known my real circumstances, she would never have laid so many snares, and taken so many weary steps to catch a poor desolate creature that was good for little when it was caught; and indeed I, whose case was almost desperate, and thought I could not be much worse, was not very anxious about what might befall me, provided they did me no personal injury; so I suffered myself, though not without a great deal of invitation and great professions of sincere friendship and real kindness--I say, I suffered myself to be prevailed upon to go with her, and accordingly I packed up my baggage, and put myself in a posture for a journey, though I did not absolutely know whither I was to go.
I told him my circumstances at large: that I was a widow come over from American, perfectly desolate and friendless; that I had a little money, and but a little, and was almost distracted for fear of losing it, having no friend in the world to trust with the management of it; that I was going into the north of England to live cheap, that my stock might not waste; that I would willingly lodge my money in the bank, but that I durst not carry the bills about me, and the like, as above; and how to correspond about it, or with whom, I knew not.
Here and there was one who, utterly desolate, stole away by himself, seeking no companionship.
I am desolate without you, my darling, O, so desolate
But the sight of this desolate world did not fail to captivate them by its very strangeness.
IT is heartening to note that a desolate open space in Sector G- 5 has been transformed into a beautiful sports arena through the efforts of a non-governmental organisation.
Previously desolate streets and zones turned into busy places.
According to a press release here on Friday, ANF Quetta raided a desolate site situated at Killi Sherdil Khan, Tehsil Muslim Bagh, District Qilla Saifullah, which resulted in seizure of 4313 Kg of Opium and 1672 Kg Amphetamine.
6 Lord Howell, George Osborne's father-in-law and energy adviser to the Tories, caused uproar when he said fracking should be done in the desolate North.
William Blake in the Desolate Market is an important supplement to essential works on Blake produced by G.
The peer, who last year said the region was desolate, told a trade magazine that controversial gas drilling projects should get the goahead if they were "well away from all communities and ideally in derelict or wasteland areas with no nature or environmental significance .
And when they make comments about it being desolate, it's clear they don't have much interest.