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The desmoplastic fibroma is a slowly progressing locally invasive tumor characterized by a production of the collagen fibres by its tumor cells.
Desmoplastic fibroma is mostly located centrally in the metadiaphysis of the tubular bones around knee followed by humerus and radius.
CONCLUSION: Desmoplastic fibroma is a rare tumor occurring in ulna.
The WHO defines a desmoplastic fibroma as a rare, benign bone tumour composed of spindle cells with minimal atypia and abundant collagen production (3).
Desmoplastic fibroma of the jaw: A case report and review of literature Oral Surg, Oral Med Oral Pathol Oral Radiol Endod 2006; 101:82-94
Desmoplastic fibroma of the mandible mimicking osteogenic sarcoma: report of a case.
Key words: Desmoplastic fibroma, mandible, limited mouth opening.
Desmoplastic fibroma of bone is a rare benign intraosseous tumor of connective tissue origin with locally aggressive behaviour, which may lead to infiltration of the surrounding soft tissues [Shafer et al.
We present a case of desmoplastic fibroma in the rib of a 19-year-old man, adding a fourth case to the 3 previously reported cases involving this unusual location.
On histologic examination, the tumor was classified as a desmoplastic fibroma.
Desmoplastic fibroma (DF) was first described as a distinct entity and given its present name by Jaffe in 1958.
Desmoplastic fibroma is one of the rarest bone tumors.