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(computer science) the use of microcomputers with graphics capacity to produce printed materials

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The new Digital PC Publishing Solution is a turnkey package that includes pre-installed and tuned software and drivers in a fast, i486 EISA/VL minitower configuration with SuperMac Thunder/24 for Windows graphics card and calibrator and Adobe software, and the choice of two of the leading desktop publishing applications, Aldus PageMaker or QuarkXPress.
If you're involved in desktop publishing, you already know how the technology has redefined not only your job but those of your colleagues, as well.
As desktop publishing becomes more popular, a wide range of professionals and nonprofessionals are using its superior technology, producing materials which at first glance appear to be slick and professional.
The data can be exported to the desktop publishing environment, where it can easily be manipulated for illustration and mapping purposes.
With desktop publishing, we as designers are actually setting type for our clients instead of purchasing type from a typesetter, as with conventional production methods.
We are pleased to offer Aldus' award-winning desktop publishing software through COMPAQ DirectPlus," Barbara Krumland, vice president of COMPAQ DirectPlus, said.
Nova Development, a top-five publisher of imaging and graphics software, today announced the retail release of its first entry into the mid-range desktop publishing category, Art Explosion(R) Publisher Pro(TM).
0 to be available in 1993); PFS:Publisher for Windows, a desktop publisher that sets new standards in desktop publishing power and usability for the small business and home office market, (recently termed "a knockout desktop publisher" by PC Computing magazine); PFS:Business Plan, a complete Windows-based program for producing high- quality business plans; and PFS:Prospect, a DOS-based program that helps small businesses manage sales prospects and develop their customer bases.
PhotoSpin's new images are well suited for desktop publishing, print and web work, presentations and any other image editing or desktop publishing application.
Aldus PageMaker is the world's leading desktop publishing program for the Apple Macintosh and Microsoft Windows.
the leading provider of enterprise-wide product content management and catalog publishing solutions, today announced that its xCat system will support QuarkXPress 6, the latest version of the industry-leading desktop publishing program from Quark, Inc.
Laserfan is expected to be used in a wide range of applications in desktop publishing for commercial and home use at low-cost, and should significantly broaden the use of desktop publishing.
NASDAQ: SMAC) introduced two new product lines marking the company's initial entry into both the Windows(TM)-based color desktop publishing market and the market for dye-sublimation color printers.
Moving beyond desktop publishing, the company's Web-top publishing software helps novice users create high-quality printed products using intelligent, flexible templates, without installing or learning any new software.
Laserfan, which incorporates a proprietary light source technology using fiber optics to form very high resolution prints and images is expected to elevate the art of desktop publishing to a new level.