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(computer science) the use of microcomputers with graphics capacity to produce printed materials

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Those who are planning to download a Desktop Publishing Software may take a closer look at the review guide and consumer tips on the site.
com/software/star/staroffice), are richly endowed with design features, enabling you to use them for projects that once required a desktop publishing program.
Kate did the desktop publishing part of the Computer Literacy And Information Technology (CLAIT) course - choosing to learn and study at home at her own pace.
Through funding from the partnership, a full-time managing editor will be hired for desktop publishing and office administration.
And others use desktop publishing systems to cost-effectively produce mailers, brochures, postcards and other materials in volume for their agents.
From a cost standpoint, representatives of all three weeklies agree that desktop publishing provides attractive incentives, including reduced manhours, more design flexibility at deadline, and decreased or eliminated darkroom and chemical use.
With all of the professional desktop publishing applications available on the PC running under Microsoft Windows, sophisticated color desktop publishing on Intel architecture is now competing favorably with the long-established Macintosh platform.
In spite of advertising claims to the contrary, when it comes to desktop publishing, the more things change, the more they stay the same.
To catch clients' attention these days, reports need interesting, catchy graphics--the kind desktop publishing software can produce easily.
The amount of literature concerning desktop publishing is overwhelming, covering all aspects of the subject from general definitions to specific procedures for executing the most minute formatting change.
At the recent NABE annual meeting in Pittsburgh, I saw a demonstration of desktop publishing that really opened my eyes to the potential of this approach for business economist.
Now the small community college has a desktop publishing system that not only produces inexpensive publications with speed and flair but provides students with a chance to use cutting-edge technology.
Reportlinker Adds Global Desktop Publishing Industry
Contract notice: preparation, proofreading, desktop publishing, design and printing of textbooks, divided into the following items