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the top of a desk

(computer science) the area of the screen in graphical user interfaces against which icons and windows appear

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Encentuate Combines Rapid User Switching on Private, Shared, and Roaming Desktops with Single Sign-on to Streamline Clinical Workflows
HP's desktop virtualization solutions offer centralized manageability, efficiency and reliability through server-class hardware and virtualization software.
AppSense's expertise in robust application control, security and performance management enables us to make a significant contribution to the Dynamic Desktop Initiative.
Optimized to deliver the right kind of desktop for every office worker
Today's enterprise customers want the best performance but not at the expense of security and reliability," said Tom Tobul, executive director, global desktop marketing, Lenovo.
Central Desktop provides us with the option to communicate and collaborate with our customers in real-time or on their time without switching programs or logging into other services," said Doug Mitchell, Vice President of Dispatching Solutions, Inc.
Leostream's Connection Broker adds functionality to VMware's Virtual Desktop Initiative and IBM's Virtualized Hosted Client Infrastructure (VHCI) with features such as remote desktop protocol management, desktop pooling, stickiness, thin client integration, as well as monitoring and reporting.
By integrating with desktop infrastructure and IT processes for rolling out new software and updates, Bit9 allows IT to get the best possible application control and policy enforcement with minimal effort.
Resellers and MSPs can use the new desktop management capability to detect health and security problems; to monitor and report on CPU, disk, and memory usage; and to scan for patches and vulnerabilities.
Combining the powerful PaperPort desktop management and scanning technologies from Nuance with EFI's market leading print and imaging solutions gives our customers a potent combination: an intuitive desktop management tool and a highly productive document printing capability," said Frank Mallozzi, senior vice president, worldwide marketing and sales, EFI.
In the review, titled "Affordable IT: Desktop Management Suites," the magazine praises ScriptLogic for Desktop Authority's usability, patch management and technical support: "We gave Editor's Choice to ScriptLogic's Desktop Authority.
We've received hundreds of requests from Lotus Notes users in businesses around the world asking for a desktop solution that doesn't require them to change the way they work," said Mark Goodstein, founder and EVP, business development for X1 Technologies.
The average survey respondent produces 68 percent of his or her publications on desktop.