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the top of a desk

(computer science) the area of the screen in graphical user interfaces against which icons and windows appear

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This new software helps empower businesses to take full advantage of managing their ThinkCentre desktops, with immediate system updates and tracking across entire PC fleets.
IT and IT security departments are chiefly responsible for creating end-user desktop usage policies, with 43 percent and 16 percent hailing from these two departments, respectively.
Central Desktop aids in productivity by enabling users to use just one product for all their collaboration needs.
Neither we nor they seemed to really understand how to communicate what we needed from each other to make the best use of our desktop publishing capabilities.
Dynamic Desktop Initiative (DDI) is an industry collaboration led by Citrix to promote the growth of virtual desktops.
With the new Central Desktop integration, salesforce.
Encentuate also supports hybrid desktops where users may combine different session management capabilities to meet their needs.
HP is bringing advanced desktop virtualization capabilities into the reach of mainstream IT for cost-effective management of desktop environments," said Nick van der Zweep, director, Virtualization, Technology Solutions Group, HP.
As a longstanding Citrix partner, Dell supports the Dynamic Desktop Initiative," stated Judy Chavis, Director, Business Development & Global Alliances.
However, businesses are stuck - they're caught between the reality of slow-growing IT budgets, fast-changing business needs, and systems - from desktop to network to applications - that are too static, too complex and too much to maintain.
The benefit of giving users a Windows Desktop running inside a virtual machine rather than running everything on the desktop is the enhanced level of security and reliability.
We see virtualized desktop computing as an effective way for companies to realize the benefits of a server-based architecture and we are committed to expanding the market potential for server-based technology," commented Joe Makoid, President, Devon IT.
which enables Windows Desktop Administrators to enforce application usage policies, today announced it has released Version 3.
Health & Security Management for desktop and notebook PCs