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restricted to working in an office rather than in an active physical capacity


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Healthy habits JILL explains: "Unfortunately, cellulite is a big fan of females with inactive careers so if you're desk-bound in your job, you need to remind your rear to keep in shape.
Knowing that asking to be registered insane, to avoid further missions, would demonstrate sanity in itself, he's at the mercy of red tape, unreasonable desk-bound officers and medics who are hypochondrias or quacks, while it's those who shirk their duties who reap rewards.
0 delivers a complete set of unified communications and collaboration functionalities, specifically designed to meet the needs of both population profiles: the multimedia user who needs the new collaborative, mobile workstyle, and the desk-bound telephony user looking for an instant business response and office based interactions.
PRINCE Harry is more nervous about being desk-bound than he was flying an Army attack helicopter in Afghanistan.
The taxing challenge to shape up six desk-bound employees in Swansea was taken on by glamorous personal trainer and nutritionist Tara Hammett as part of BBC Wales' Live Longer Wales season.
Ergonomics' and 'flexibility' are terms especially important to desk-bound workers.
Many people with desk-bound jobs assume that everyone else sits behind a desk all day, with nothing better to do than respond to their e-mails and texts (let alone tweets - which I don't do
The study conducted by the British Heart Foundation found that many workers are desk-bound, with a fifth having no physical activity at all and a quarter only managing about 20 minutes a day.
YOU SAID: If these desk-bound people who decided that it would be a great way to save money actually had a look around Upsall and observed the fantastic work that is done there to help people with difficulties and disabilities they might realise what a huge mistake it would be to close this centre down.
Some 60% of desk-bound employees in Wales admit to piling on the pounds since starting work in an office, gaining an average of 10lbs during their first year of employment.
A survey of 1,000 people aged under 30, found young desk-bound professionals sat still for an average of three hours and three quarters ate lunch at their desk instead of taking the opportunity to move around, which would reduce their risk of a clot.
Anyone with an Apple iPhone, iPad or variant of Apple computer would do well to check the App Store, which has thousands of SME-friendly apps for the on-the-go and desk-bound business boss.
Summary: Nine-to-Five desk-bound jobs, once an icon of stability in a fluctuating job market, seems to hold very little appeal to young professionals entering the workforce in the UAE.
This needs some lateral thinking on the part of politicians and desk-bound bureaucrats in order to make long term provision that will leave an infrastructure capable of development rather than yet another legacy of disaster that flowed from the limited thinking of our past strategists.
He insists that thousands of trained officers are effectively desk-bound and that they will under his policy be put on the beat.