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the police sergeant on duty in a police station

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The immediate benefit has been to pass ownership of the law enforcement shift from the desk sergeant to the patrol supervisor, which has improved the performance of the patrols in every aspect.
"I spoke to the desk sergeant, who asked ' why do you want this done?' I responded 'because a baby elephant is coming to visit my store.' "The sergeant shouted to the next room ' Inspector, we do hood meters for elephants, don't we?' "Without batting an eyelid the Inspector replied 'Oh yes.'"
He flung open the door, charged over to the desk sergeant.
(The disarray bothered her trained painter's eye and Scandinavian sense of order, and when she made an impromptu offer to organize things, the desk sergeant replied, "Knock yourself out.'')
But when the Caped Crusader is wearing the classic Adam West/David Jason version of the costume, it becomes much funnier to see him standing in the reception of a Bradford police station waiting for the desk sergeant.
What's the Latin, the desk sergeant asked, for "always in the s**t"?
"I questioned the desk sergeant about the legality of this and his response was basically 'tough, it's the law'.
In between pantomimes, they do vast amounts of work on cruise ships while Robin pops up on TV when required as the bus driver in Coronation Street and the grumpily disinterested desk sergeant, Sgt Edwards, in Emmerdale.
As a law-enforcement desk sergeant, he frequently had opportunities to excel when conversing with other people on base.
For example, policemen arbitrarily stop Bob and Alice while driving in Santa Monica, and later, when the couple is arrested, the desk sergeant at the station threatens them to" get back where you belong and stay there'" (64).
"Shut up!" the desk sergeant barked, moving toward him.
The desk sergeant at the Oswego, N.Y., police department probably never dreamed he'd be booking Jesse James for armed robbery, but then, this Jesse James wasn't much of a prize - or much of a challenge.
When the desk sergeant called the third time, we said, `We never heard of him' and let him sleep it off."