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a telephone set that sits on a desk or table

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Businesses can keep their existing phone number, and with the mobile app, employees can receive and make calls from any device, including their desk phone, mobile phone or home phone using their business caller ID.
By using the Tango Networks solution, Unify customers can now receive and make corporate calls on their mobile phones, leveraging company calling plans and enterprise voice features such as conferencing, three-digit dialing, call transfer, and a single mailbox supporting both the mobile and desk phones.
CAPEX OPEX Typical desk phone with $200 $40/year Power over Ethernet Average to good quality $50 $100/year wired headset for an IF phone Totals $250 $140/year
The demand for desk phones, printers and traditional meeting rooms is declining.
The feature-packed Aastra 6739i is a market-leading touch screen business desk phone, delivering high quality enterprise communications with advanced features, such as Bluetooth and dual Gigabit Ethernet.
No papers or other items on your desk will be disturbed, but the extras will have to look like they're working so they may handle the desk phone and act like they're using the computer.
Another great application of Voice-over IP technology is the soft phone, which is turning your PC or laptop into a device that has the ability to operate as a desk phone.
Moments later--in a buttoned down tux--the man who famously threw a tantrum at being unable to read a poem (on camera) at the BAFTAs, returned with cameras rolling bearing a black desk phone and warned recipients that if their speeches ran more than 45 seconds they should, "say hello to my little friend.
Working the help desk phone line is just one of her tasks.
The T-Mobile Office Connect solution is integrated into T-Mobile's nationwide 4G network and streamlines accessibility and improves responsiveness as it extends desk phone capabilities to mobile phones.
Our Photo Buttons Amplified Desk Phone has a ringer that 5 times louder and the receiver volume can be up to 20 times louder than normal phones The phone can store up to six of your favourite contacts so you don't have to remember lengthy numbers.
Developed under the guidance of NEC Corporation of America ("NECAM"), Sora Telecom will soft-launch its hosted VoIP phone service in the coming weeks with the NEC UT880S Android desk phone developed by Apivio, along with Apivio's Liberty L2 Wi-Fi phone, and Dexter D1 desk phone.
The report found that both corporate and remote workers are increasingly away from their desks, with 65 percent saying they have a "desk phone optional" work environment and one third of workers believing the desk phone will disappear in two to three years.
Unify, the Atos brand for communications software and services, today announced the introduction of the OpenScape Desk Phone CP Family, which includes innovative new desk phones integrated with collaboration software to meet the demands of companies navigating workplace digital transformation.
BlackBerry MVS unifies corporate phone systems with wireless communications allowing employees to cost effectively and securely make and take desk phone calls practically anywhere in the world on their BlackBerry[R] smartphones.