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Synonyms for desirable

Synonyms for desirable

arousing erotic desire


Synonyms for desirable

worth having or seeking or achieving

worthy of being chosen especially as a spouse

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The asking price for influential entertainment executive Chris Albrecht's desirably private mini-mansion in a particularly plummy pocket of Los Angeles' ritzy Brentwood community is now $7.5 million.
Human beings being what they are, Machiavelli argues not only that feuds (and warfare) are more or less permanent features of public life, but that this is desirably so.
Summary: Gold, crimson and brown - there's something desirably enticing about earthy, wholesome produce.
He died even before this unhappy malady came into being, back when my head of hair was still desirably full, or, as Danton Remoto would say, a graceful river.
The mercapto moieties of said dimercaptothiadiazole are desirably protected from prematurely reacting with, for example, diene-based elastomers and sulfur-containing silica coupling agents by pre-reaction with an aromatic carboxylic acid chloride or by reacting in situ with an aromatic carboxylic acid.
President Obama's Administration would like the Taliban to become part of the Afghan political system and desirably to have some share in power in Kabul and in the provinces in the southeast of Afghanistan, considered strongholds of the Taliban.
"VENU will compliment what is currently on oer in terms new developments within the town and will become a desirably destination for not just residents of Pwllheli but the whole of the Llyn Peninsula and beyond.
And a reckless populism is at the peak, with extravagance and profligacy in full swing on fructifying attention-catching and potentially vote-grabbing mega projects that could have been easily put off to better times and scarce resources could have instead been desirably utilised on public works of immediate need.
Underlining the fact that the sanctions have not had any adverse affect on the process of fuel supply, he said, "Through struggles of the Iranian experts the required fuel of different sectors are desirably supplied and even they did not halt during the peak of consumptions including the New Year holidays.
Buyers bringing all-cash offers will be viewed more desirably by sellers than a first-time or marginally qualified buyer, affecting prices on a greater proportion of the transactions than in markets with fewer problem sales.
Desirably located and elegantly appointed, measuring over 5,000 sqm 31 function rooms of varying sizes are available for meetings, Incentives, conferences, exhibitions and weddings.
All said, Pakistan's military strategy to win the hearts and minds of the populace in militancy-hit areas can be put into action desirably only when the kinetic undertakings have requisite civilian backing from top level of political leadership down the ladder to the lower politico-administrative tier.
Popular storytelling makes it too easy to forget this fact, to see monsters as either desirably sparkly or so wholly other that they can be mown down like weeds.
Cognitive improvements were demonstrated at each fortnightly assessment 6 hours post dose and the authors concluded that the level of these effects would be considered desirably noticeable for this age group (5).
Rather through the process of reducing the level of energy in the water with the help of refrigerator function we find the ice cubes desirably"