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Synonyms for desirability

Synonyms for desirability

the quality of being worthy of desiring

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attractiveness to the opposite sex

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In recently completed research, we sought to assess evidence of social desirability bias for production process claims on two livestock products--pork chops and milk.
Table 2 shows mean frequency of use of condoms or other contraceptives in the last three months, as well as mean social desirability.
Further, Rossiter and Bellman (2005) and Prentice (1975, 1977) proposed that salient DCP characteristics other than its desirability have been identified; however, researchers seem largely unaware of effects.
CarGurus also analysed those models with under 100 for sale since the start of the year to create the Desirability Score for the rarest cars in Britain.
To rate users' desirability, the researchers used a ranking algorithm based on the number of messages a person receives and the desirability of the senders.
Using this PageRank algorithm, which is employed by web search engines, researchers could establish a person's "league," which they scientifically coined "hierarchies of desirability."
When there is a big gap in desirability between online daters, there is a pronounced drop in the probability of reply," said the report.
A funcao objetivo para este caso, utilizando o metodo Desirability como funcao aglutinadora e definida em (25)
It is an injustice to shelter and lecture girls, says Orenstein, whose book advises us to help young women claim their value and worth in a culture where sexual desirability has become the yardstick of social acceptability and approval.
Specifically, mastery-approach goals have also been linked to maladaptive outcome variables such as shallow processing (for a review, see Senko et al., 2011), social desirability (Darnon, Dompnier, Delmas, Pulfrey, & Butera, 2009; Dompnier, Darnon, & Butera, 2009), and interest-based studying (i.e., focusing on personally interesting material at the expense of assigned content; Senko, Hama, & Belmonte, 2013; Senko & Miles, 2008).
Summary: Based on fashion factors, architecture and desirability of visitors, Zalando ranks 80 cities
Social desirability bias is a social science research term that describes the tendency of survey respondents to answer questions in a manner that will be viewed favourably by others.
Thus, the aim of the present study was to investigate the body composition, dietetic profile, self-perceived body image and social desirability in professional ballet dancers.