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Synonyms for designing

Synonyms for designing

coldly planning to achieve selfish aims

Synonyms for designing

the act of working out the form of something (as by making a sketch or outline or plan)

concealing crafty designs for advancing your own interest


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We have considerable experience in designing active-adult retirement communities; independent living, assisted living, and nursing facilities; and special needs facilities, as well as hospitals, medical office buildings, and medical suites.
Therefore, designing highly controlled experiments are unnecessary.
We are currently designing such a 3D portal for eventual evaluation by elementary school students (Beheshti, Large, Nesset, & Bowler, 2004).
Whether on a small or large scale, companies can use this approach to exponentially increase the brainpower and experience available when designing a part.
We learn about graphic design, about molding glass into art, making websites, designing school grounds and gardens, making collages, designing t-shirts and selecting designs for postage stamps.
If there are no rules, architects do at least reach for a list of standard essentials when designing schools.
Designing of parts for manufacturability will be reviewed, including rubber part tolerancing, mold debug (how to solve molding problems through part redesign, mold redesign, process modification and material changes) and troubleshooting the rubber molding process.
Authorized design centers are capable of designing both complete integrated circuits and embedded IP blocks.
"I recently received an e-mail from one of our deans asking my advice to help with designing a 'dignified seminar room, complete with a screen, data projector, and connections for a laptop" The e-mail continued, 'Can you provide some possibilities for properly remodeling the room, and assist with pricing some appropriate equipment?' My excitement about the project was short-lived, however, once I toured the room and discovered that classroom construction was not only already underway, but nearly complete, and that the project's budget was nearly exhausted without even purchasing the first piece of equipment."
Dissatisfied with existing care environments, they embarked upon designing and developing their own 198-bed skilled facility.
Luckily the writers of Harlem Style: Designing for the New Urban Aesthetic (Stewart, Tabori & Chang) have done it for you.
The next step of treatment would involve designing a positive reinforcement program whereby reinforcers would be offered based on the percentage of work completed.
However, many IA practitioners feel that this overall approach to IA relates more to visual design and emphasizes Wurman's own background in designing printed media.
By designing a development with these ideas, there is a better chance to create sustainable land use and preserve some of the natural features of the land.
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