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done or made or performed with purpose and intent



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With USA Today providing the impetus, the 1980s brought a proliferation of art pieces designed to put information, especially statistical information, into more manageable, more dramatic form than what was possible in text matter alone.
The Heritage Ball helps kick off Architecture Week 2006, a six-day, city-wide festival of events and special programs on architecture and design, designed to appeal to New Yorkers of every age and walk of life.
"We own the software so that the intellectual property is retained within the company, even if we are working with a subcontractor on the system," he says, such that a BMW customer can tell that, "whoever designed it was thinking about the steering at the same time he was thinking about the gearbox or the ride quality" And while Purves claims he often finds something impressive in competitive vehicles, he rarely comes across ones that have a similar holistic feel.
Molds are designed on Unigraphics or Pro-Engineer CAD software and built using machining or EDM manufacturing methods.
* Jointly designed by the foundry and customer, this sand-cast magnesium bracket supports the DC/DC converter and other electronic control modules, components and battery for a fuel cell automobile.
"Calls started coming in from all sorts of people making orders for specially designed ties and scarves--the Mexican Dog Federation, Motorola, Marriott," Covalin says.
These flow paths are radial grooves specially designed for the specific compound being extruded.
These spaces can be designed in a flexible manner to accommodate larger group activities when needed.
The space might be small for a five-person company, but, designed in muted tones influenced by African iconography, it is large in concept.
In the 1970s, MKDA designed Gloria Vanderbilt's famed showroom, which featured a canary yellow reception desk set in a vivid blue background.
Stephenson has had one of the most envied careers in the business, having designed the world-famous reincarnation of the Mini for BMW and being appointed the first in-house design chief for Ferrari and Maserati, all before the age of 45.
(2) The houses that were built in California were never put into production and ironically became identified with the individuals who designed them, but that programme and the buildings that resulted from it continue to inspire explorations of the design of innovative housing.
Converted from: Traditionally designed as fabricated steel tube and plastic.
Accommodating 48 residents, it is the first facility in South Carolina to be dedicated specifically for residents with Alzheimer's disease and was designed and built with the following primary goals in mind: