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It becomes clear that in no case the "expressivist" component should here be played out against the "designative" one.
Kripke's K(Q-W) formalization of a Q-W argument for the necessity of all identity relations depends essentially on the property of being necessarily identical to the object of a rigidly designative object constant or bound object variable in authorized applications of Leibniz's principle.
As outlined in the preceding section, it is the [+CONTROL] construction that triggers a designative possessor reading, and the deployment of le as the verbal predicate merely signals that the new possessive relationship is established via transfer of the Theme rather than its creation or otherwise obtaining.
Three readily applicable modes of discourse include these: designative, appraisive, and prescriptive statements--or designations, appraisals, and prescriptions.
Language permits the schematized designation and the designative constancy of categories and semantic differentiations for all the members of a society, in that it stabilizes collectively the possibilities of concrete references by means of semiotic materialities (signs).
For instance, Losse and colleagues (1991) found increased dispositions toward irritated reactions and designative, depressive moods among school children with deficits in fine motor skills.
[2] It includes, according to Hollander, 'a basic designative or even ontological power' (1975: 213).
If we take the force of Foucault's observation that the proper name of an author is not merely "indicative" or "designative" but, "to a certain extent, the equivalent of a description" (121), I think we might even take one step further, and note that the name of a text operates similarly as a form of description.
If we understand the term only as descriptive or designative of a position, the term "honor" may lose its more complete moral meaning and importance in the same way that other terms have incomplete meanings when used only as descriptors of the appearances of things.
The coordination of service involves case management and client advocacy, creating an agenda for meeting designative treatment goals, and collaborating with community resources and managed care systems (DHHS, 1998).
In the first place, the name of an author 'poses all the problems' of proper names in general, to wit, that such names 'oscillate between the poles of description and designation, and [...] they are not totally determined by either their descriptive or designative functions' (p.
Designative verbs (4) (with predicative complements): autocaracterizarse como X 'to characterize oneself as X', autodenominarse X 'to name oneself X', autollamarse X 'to name oneself X'.
The familiar dichotomy between embodied meanings (arising as though from within the "work itself") and designative meanings (referring to entities external to the work) is no longer needed.