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Synonyms for designation

Synonyms for designation

the act of appointing to an office or position

the word or words by which one is called and identified

Synonyms for designation

identifying word or words by which someone or something is called and classified or distinguished from others

the act of designating or identifying something

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You should not select an investment professional simply because they carry one of these designations. Nor should you exclude someone solely because they do not carry a particular designation.
Breakthrough Therapy Designation was adopted as part of the FDA Safety and Innovation Act (FDASIA) enacted in July 2012 aiming at expediting the development and review of drugs for the treatment of severe or life-threatening diseases or symptoms.
Investors should also be wary of financial professionals who tout their designation as the reason they should be hired.
For more information about NAR's Green Designation, visit
The FDA grants Orphan Drug Designation status to products that treat rare diseases, providing incentives to sponsors developing drugs or biologics.
Another designation recognized by the FDA is that of orphan drugs.
"Research shows that individuals who hold professional designations have enhanced earning potential compared to non-designated individuals." said AI president Richard L.
Starting in 2008, the North American Securities Administrators Association (NASAA) and the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) adopted model rules that prohibited misleading use of senior-specific designations and that established minimum standards for designation-granting bodies.
The Candidate for Designation program will be implemented January 1, 2013, at which time it will become the path to Designated membership in the Appraisal Institute.
The title and designation should only be granted to the following:
Transport Canada on Friday announced the designation of Sunwing Airlines to operate scheduled air services between Canada and Aruba an the Bahamas.
This bill enacted a new section of the Insurance Code, which defines a senior designation as "any degree, title, credential, certificate, certification, accreditation, or approval that expresses or implies that a broker or agent possesses expertise, training, competence, honesty, or reliability with regard to advising seniors in particular on finance, insurance, or risk management."
In addition to helping you become a better adjuster, earning the AIC designation demonstrates a commitment to claims as a career.
The Appraisal Institute wishes to congratulate the designees who received their designation so far in 2010.
The CPCU designation was established in 1942 under the leadership of Dr.