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a ballplayer who is designated to bat in place of the pitcher

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A few players, such as Thomas and Eddie Murray (who both also fit in the second category above), who started out as designated hitters to get their bats in the lineup before their defensive position became available.
The electorate has elected three players who spent a great deal of time as designated hitters, Paul Molitor, Frank Thomas, and Jim Thome, who played more than 800 games as a DH.
three RBI, one run April 6 Royals Ed Kirkpatrick Hitless in three at-bats with one walk April 6 Angels Tommy McCraw 1-for-4 with a strikeout April 7 Tigers Gates Brown No hits in four at-bats, one strikeout April 7 Indians John Ellis Hitless in four at-bats with a strikeout April 7 White Mike Andrews 1-for-3, one double, one walk Sox April 7 Rangers Rico Carty 1-for-4 In the first game for all American League clubs, the designated hitters combined to bat .213 (10-for-47), with one double, one home run, two runs, four RBI, three walks and five strikeouts.
Considering Marcus Thames was the designated hitter in the last two games of that series and went 0-6 with five strikeouts, and Lance Berkman wasn't much better in the first four games, one would be tempted to say yes.
Designated hitter -- +Takeshi Yamasaki (Rakuten Eagles) (Note: +prefix denotes players selected through fan voting)
Since the Designated Hitter (DH) rule was introduced to the American League (AL) in 1973, American League pitchers have hit opposing batsmen more frequently than have National League (NL) pitchers.
I offer, as Exhibit A, baseball's designated hitter. Like so many government programs, the designated hitter, which the American League instituted 20 years ago (the National League never succumbed), was born of good intentions that were never fulfilled.
In terms of slugging percentage, there are worse designated hitters playing today.
The DH -- The Designated Hitter (with 80 or more games) accounted for an average of $7,336,833 for 12 players.
With the adoption of the designated hitter rule, pitchers are replaced at the plate by designated hitters who are far more effective batters and therefore more likely to be hit batsmen.
Ortiz is one of only a handful of full-time designated hitters, with many teams preferring to have different players share at-bats.
The thing is, Thomas is convinced the debate isn't directed at designated hitters as a whole but: at somebody in particular.
Francona has managed one of the best designated hitters in baseball history in David Ortiz, so it is no surprise he likes baseball with the DH.
Ortiz won the 2011 Edgar Martinez Outstanding Designated Hitter Award, his sixth such honor, passing Martinez for the most all-time.
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