designated hitter

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a ballplayer who is designated to bat in place of the pitcher

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As shown below, Thomas was the designated hitter in only 56.42 percent of the games he played in, while Monitor's percentage was even lower at 43.76.
In between pitching every six days, Yovan was the designated hitter and also played some games at third base and shortstop.
Designated hitter Michael Young said, "He was great.
This year, he'll return to the Twins lineup as a designated hitter instead of playing in the field.
Ortiz won the 2011 Edgar Martinez Outstanding Designated Hitter Award, his sixth such honor, passing Martinez for the most all-time.
Jays Adam Lind Wins Martinez Outstanding Designated Hitter Award (
Designated hitter Brad Grinstead from Craig, Colo., tripled to right center for a pair of runs and center fielder Daniel Ward from Tacoma, Wash., homered to spark the Warriors' offense.
Designated hitter -- +Takeshi Yamasaki (Rakuten Eagles) (Note: +prefix denotes players selected through fan voting)
Chapters cover how to face a dominant or nondominant pitcher, practical skills for mental drill rehearsal, how to adjust to the role of designated hitter, and much more.
One of the more contentious debates raging among baseball fans concerns the designated hitter. Some believe the DH has outlived its usefulness (if it was ever useful) and should be discontinued.
The most significant rule change in the game came in 1974 when the designated hitter was introduced to the American League on an experimental basis, with the Yankees' Ron Bloomberg becoming the game's first DH.
The controversial designated hitter told a US magazine: "Ninety nine per cent of baseball fans have no idea what they're watching.
This has great articles, an article on the baseball movies, and one on why Kevin "Field of Dreams" Costner must die (by Ben Weasel, no less), an article on the designated hitter, an interview with Rolling Stone photographer and now photographer for the Oakland A's Michael Zagaris, staff on baseball-themed art, record reviews, and more.
The White Sox will have two new starters on board for tonight's game - designated hitter Harald Baines and catcher Charles Johnston.
Since the Designated Hitter (DH) rule was introduced to the American League (AL) in 1973, American League pitchers have hit opposing batsmen more frequently than have National League (NL) pitchers.
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