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the member of a party who is designated to refrain from alcohol and so is sober when it is time to drive home

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In addition, the brand will also encourage designated driving at the last two home Steeler games when Santa Claus will award Keene's and other prizes to designated drivers at tailgate parties at the Three Rivers Stadium.
According to chief executive officer Frank Gaziano, National Distributors, Inc., has developed a Designated Driver program that focuses its attention on the company's on-premise accounts.
Designated drivers are encouraged to claim their Coca-Cola Designated Driver vouchers for two free soft drinks at participating outlets via Free Text or on
MyHandleBar: 16-person party bike in Old Town Fort Collins with a designated driver guide.
Whether you're golfing, boating or going to a BBQ with friends, plan ahead for a safe ride home this Canada Day and all summer long--arrange a designated driver, call a taxi or take transit.
Mr McCartney said: "Nearly 7,000 road traffic accidents in 2012 were linked to alcohol consumption and so this campaign that supports designated drivers over the festive period is important."
If you drive, pledge to never drink any alcohol before getting behind the wheel, and if you have a designated driver, make sure they stay completely off the booze."
Another series of questions asked about the respondents' driving under the influence and about their use of designated drivers. Tables 12-14 display the results of those questions.
THE adoption by eleven pubs in St Helens as part of a scheme to give free soft drinks to designated drivers throughout December is great news, as it will hopefully keep the number of drink-drive related fatalities on the road down this Christmas.
"At this time of year, we should salute our dedicated designated drivers."
DESIGNATED drivers will be rewarded in more than 8,000 pubs and student union bars across the country as part of the THINK!
What will be offered to designated drivers in an effort to crack down on drink-driving?
It is our mission to get those numbers down to zero with public education, promotion of designated drivers, and the help of the Massachusetts State and local police.
The program encourages adults nationwide to sign up to be designated drivers at the social networking site
According to the HERO campaign's website, the program's mission is to prevent drunk driving fatalities, injuries and accidents nationwide by promoting the use of designated drivers and reminding the public to drive sober and not to let friends drive drunk.
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