designated driver

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the member of a party who is designated to refrain from alcohol and so is sober when it is time to drive home

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com Coca-Cola is proud to support Irish road safety by rewarding Designated Drivers who give the Gift of a Lift with two FREE drinks from Coca-Cola.
In addition to the two-driver process, the intuitive scheduling and payment technology built into the AmRide app makes having a designated driver on call easier than ever before.
Your passengers can tweet your name to NHTSA (@NHTSAgov) for the Designated Driver Wall of Fame using the hashtag #DontDriveDrunk.
The survey also asked respondents about their attitudes towards using rideshare services as a designated driver.
Nearly half (45%) of those questioned in the survey who have been a designated driver while a learner for people who had been drinking alcohol did not believe their passengers would have been in any fit state to help them out if they had become confused or needed to ask a question about their driving technique.
Never leave home for a celebration without a plan for a designated driver.
During operating hours designated driver teams are on stand-by at their respective residences waiting to get activated for a call near their location.
Brown-Forman will be promoting the Designated Driver Program through social media to followers of its brands.
AA president Edmund King said: "It is encouraging to see that many people are choosing to select a designated driver before a night out, but it's really important that they also consider arrangements for the morning after too.
Since the designated driver campaign started, one Associated Press (AP) story has gone so far as to say: "Designated drivers have probably saved nearly 50,000 lives and spared many more thousands of people from suffering injury from drunk driving.
The role of the designated driver is not just to get their friends home safely but they are often keeping an eye on everyone's drinks and making sure no one gets into trouble.
THE designated driver on a night out got very drunk.
has also teamed up with Coca-Cola's Designated Driver campaign to offer drivers across the country free soft drinks at venues this Christmas as part of the Driver Friendly campaign.
Summary: A father from Michigan has been accused of making his daughter his designated driver on a shopping trip because he was drunk.
Confident in his designated driver, YN3 Gutierrez had a total of six or seven drinks.
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