design criteria

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criteria that designers should meet in designing some system or device

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Mandatory use of VA's standardized design criteria ensured this comparability.
The specific services sought are: Design Criteria Professional for Architectural & Engineering Services: The City seeks professional services from a firm or firms who has a proven track record in the ability to deliver Design Criteria Packages on schedule.
This Request for Qualifications (RFQ) is being issued to obtain the services of a registered professional engineer to assist the City in developing a design criteria package and request for qualification for the selection of a design/build team for the WWRF Biological Treatment Improvement project.
Such architects are looking beyond the standard apartment block requirements and are establishing new design criteria that are closer to that used in single-family residence design.
Shaping equipment examined during the course will include heads (inline, crosshead - wire and hose, coextrusion - profile and tire, breaker plates and screen changers), and dies (types and design criteria, flow - viscosity, pressure-flow relations and swell, drawdown, sheet dies - calendering, single roller die, double roller die and tire belt die, profile dies - product design, die design, die operation, coextrusion dies, coating dies and orientation control, design computations such as die face dimensions, internal die dimensions and die with carrier, die relief strategies - straight cut, back relief and face relief, and finite element simulation - vehicle seal dies and carrier dies).
Based on design criteria supplied by the customer (tensile and compressive loading during engine operation, specified safety factors, etc.
Bob Mann, US Sales Manager, says, "In combination with Cohesia's products, we can provide complete identification and change verification of the design criteria that defines any part, from Engineering out thru the supply chain for the lifecycle of any part.
A Preliminary Design Criteria Has Been Developed And Ill Serve As The Starting Point For The Project Scope Development.
As design criteria move from engineering driven to how people use things, from rigor to relevance, our understanding of how the various TPEs perform becomes more important.
Services to increase the value of DProfiler with RSMeans may include custom add-on tools, custom cost modules and custom proforma and/or design criteria creation, enabling design standards and what-if scenarios for the planning phase as well as education, training and support.
The criteria architect or engineer shall assist with the establishment of the design criteria for the design-build project, and if requested to, shall serve as the representative of the public authority and provide, during the design-build project, other design and construction administration services on behalf of the public authority, including but not limited to, confirming that the design prepared by the design build firm reflects the original design intent established in the design criteria package.
Ultimately, major portions of the retail were designed with column-free areas to conform to operations and design criteria for the tenants.
The specific requirements for pre-warming extruders (high output, low thermal stress of the rubber compound in the machine's processing section) are design criteria not to be ignored.
The SureSend Design Consultant, an easy-to-use tool that quickly evaluates HTML e-mails against specific design criteria, which are pre-determined by BlueHornet to ensure optimal delivery rates;
Tenders are invited for The Design Criteria Consultant shall perform the consulting services identified herein for the development of the Design Criteria Package for this Project.
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