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Synonyms for design

Synonyms for design

to work out and arrange the parts or details of

to have in mind as a goal or purpose

an element or a component in a decorative composition

a method for making, doing, or accomplishing something

Synonyms for design

the act of working out the form of something (as by making a sketch or outline or plan)

something intended as a guide for making something else

an anticipated outcome that is intended or that guides your planned actions

a preliminary sketch indicating the plan for something

Related Words

plan something for a specific role or purpose or effect

create the design for

create designs

Related Words

conceive or fashion in the mind

intend or have as a purpose

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References in classic literature ?
I was sensibly touched with this discourse, and told him his inference was so just, and the whole design seemed so sincere, and was really so religious in its own nature, that I was very sorry I had interrupted him, and begged him to go on; and, in the meantime, because it seemed that what we had both to say might take up some time, I told him I was going to the Englishmen's plantations, and asked him to go with me, and we might discourse of it by the way.
And how shall a blessing succeed your endeavours in this place, however good in themselves, and however sincere in your design, while these men, who at present are your subjects, under your absolute government and dominion, are allowed by you to live in open adultery?
Complete in-house capabilities utilizing CAD/CAM design and programming for 3-D surface modeling and CNC 3-D contour machining.
Fully integrated mold maker servicing product design and development, prototyping, mold design and building.
Francis Cho, design, Glendale; Lily Hambartsoumian, design, Glendale; Mimi Kang, design, Glendale; Hannah Lee, design, Glendale; Lili Melikian, photography, Glendale; Jeong Mee Kim, design, Glendale; Mike Gevorkyan, design, Glendale; Zaya Ishoo, design, Glendale; Mourad Kirakasian, design, Glendale; Askel Sardaryan, design, Glendale; Durene Scanlan, design, Glendale;
This helps in another way: Only after the architect understands the scope of work, what the proposed building will cost, how it will be paid for, and how long the design and construction will take, can he or she propose a realistic professional design fee.
Manufacturing cost and lead time are inherent to the design of a part, and by using a proven design process along with technological tools, prototype iterations can be reduced, and parts can be optimized prior to production.
Accordingly, during the following months, taxpayers incurring package design costs were prohibited from capitalizing and amortizing those costs under Rev.
Company has a large in-house design staff and both Cisigraph and Computervision CAD/CAM systems to facilitate multimold programs.