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something desired as a necessity

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A central assumption in my argument is that it is a desideratum for any definition of refugeehood that the definition help categorize different individuals consistently as refugees or non-refugees based on the threats they face, where these are described in terms such as "persecution," "war," "famine," "chaos," or "inhabitableness or loss of land" (e.g., due to rise of sea level).
El segundo argumento afecta, evaluativamente, al desideratum chishomiano de la necesidad de coherencia, al considerar que las creencias que implican una contradiccion con un conjunto creencias ya aceptado como verdadero no deberian considerarse irracionales.
The ongoing operation is a reflection of Pakistan Army's commitment to control borders and the key desideratum to bringing peace within the country and ensuring long-term stability.
Ross argues, for instance, that Southwell, an English Calvinist, harnesses her social lyrics to devotional and religious forms, expanding her meanings to high political involvement, in the manner of Du Bartas or Quarles; that Cavendish uses the 'fantasized family unit' as trope or emblem of a familial and political desideratum' (p.
You will be able to get to know Argiletz Clays from France, which are 100 per cent natural and organic masks, Aroma Desideratum massage oils and Aroma Desideratum Soy Wax Melts -- from Cyprus -- that can be used to provide the perfect scent for your work place.
We have argued that abstract object theories that take the relevant objects to be platonic in the sense of Deutsch 1991 fail to satisfy the first desideratum. On their view, the only salient objects that satisfy creation--e.g., Deutsch's stipulation--are not the objects we talk about when we consider, say, Beethoven's Sonata No.
The ways in which this desideratum is realized include: being at the client's disposal, participating in the elaboration of quality standards for products and services, seeing that these standards are respected and reacting to their violation, trying to permanently satisfy the client.
63, attributed to Madison, emphasized The Necessity of a Senate: "To the people of the State of New York, a FIFTH desideratum, illustrating the utility of a senate, is the want of a due sense of national character.
This desideratum should take into account concrete modalities to connect nature with available technologies, scientific knowledge and social innovation, as to assist sustainable development for the entire society.
If I may, I will suggest another, broader historiographical desideratum into which the question of Vossius's place falls: the nature of the liefhebber, amateur, curioso, or virtuoso.
"Sport fishing is not a frivolous subject and should not be so considered, for it contributes in a very large measure to the happiness of a great many people, and the chief desideratum in life is happiness.
Azevedo, Harvard University, "Strategyproofness in the Large as a Desideratum for Market Design"
A principal desideratum of commercial painting being speed of execution, upon their return to Naples, the five painters worked to produce one complete set of the sixteen modules each day, using as their point of departure a reproduction available at the museum.
Al-Rahim's bio-bibliographic sketch of Avicenna's "immediate disciples"--which is a grouping term that has no meaning for Avicenna's particular context--is very good as a start in the right direction to fulfilling one desideratum noted by Gutas, that is, plotting the philosophy bandwagon's journey from Khurasan to Syria.