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dryness resulting from the removal of water

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The desiccation practice to minimize problems of delay in harvest has been reported in various crops, with advantages such as the possibility of planning the harvest and reduction in the damages caused by pests and fungi, which may attack the crop at the end of the cycle (Daltro et al., 2010).
At present, most will agree that selective dissection is safe and thus, more desirable, as bleeding, damage secondary to desiccation, and ureter devascularization with subsequent necrosis are all increased with ureterolysis.
Since desiccation mudcracks form only where wet sediment is exposed to air, their position closer to the center of the ancient lake bed rather than the edge also suggests that lake levels rose and fell dramatically over time.
The study, titled "Desiccation cracks provide evidence of lake drying on Mars, Sutton Island member, Murray formation, Gale Crater," was published April 16 in the journal ( GeoScienceWorld.
After 30 days, the second desiccation was carried out using glyphosate herbicide (1,468 kg [ha.sup.-1] acid equivalent) and Paraquat (400 g [ha.sup.-1] active ingredient), to be used to sow the 2008/09 crop rice in DPS.
Considering the difficulty of ex-situ conservation and the variable degrees of sensitivity to desiccation presented by most species from tropical forest, many studies have attempted to understand what mechanisms provide desiccation tolerance in orthodox seeds that are absent in recalcitrant seeds (Dickie and Pritchard, 2002).
Desiccation is a particularly powerful environmental factor that plays an important role in regulating the distribution of organisms in the intertidal zone (Kensler, 1967; Foster, 1971; Wolcott, 1973; Jenewein and Gosselin, 2013).
Other species have seeds that are classified as intermediate, which tolerate desiccation till 1013% water content, and exhibit a reduced viability at moisture levels lower than these (ROBERTS, 1973; HONG & ELLIS, 1996).
KEYWORDS: Dicranopteris linearis, Desiccation, Antioxidant enzymes, Isozymes expression
In a seminal scientific account, typically referenced in resurrection plant studies of the past forty years, Gaff observed the distinct abundance of flowering plants in the South African flora that withstand full desiccation ("Desiccation-Tolerant " 1033-34).
Cysts are particularly leathery, play an important role as a stage of life protecting the eggs and juveniles from desiccation, cold, and heat between crop cycles (Smiley and Yan, 2010).
Tremain Hatch, viticulture extension research associate at Virginia Tech and consultant to his family's winery, Zephaniah Farm Vineyard in Leesburg, Va., and Bill Hatch, Zephaniah's winemaker, tested the impact of a desiccation spray on the chemical and sensory profiles of Chambourcin grapes and wine.