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a substance that promotes drying (e

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The "Europe Pharmaceutical Desiccant Market 2019-2027" report has been added to's offering.
Omega Design Corporation, a global provider of packaging machinery for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and consumer healthcare industries, has introduced its Econo Pouch Feeder, a portable, non-pneumatic pouch inserter that feeds up to 150 desiccants or oxygen scavengers per minute.
The dominant dehumidification technology for commercial air handling is the desiccant wheel (Angrisani et al.
It's never a convenient time to shut down the dryer to clean and/or change the filters, but operation of the dryer with clogged filters or without filters, even for a short period, will hamper dryer performance and can allow plastic dust to get into the heater which can destroy the desiccant or even cause a fire.
When inserted into product bottles during the filling process, desiccant sachets like these help preserve the stability and shelf life of active ingredients in drugs, nutraceuticals, and dietary supplements by adsorbing moisture that can make its way into packages and degrade their contents.
[Anisimov, Mahmood, Pandelidis] Further work will continue to investigate different desiccant materials and different delivery methods to couple to the IEC.
Desiccant dryers are based on a simple principle; hot dry air is passed through the granulate, to release the moisture, which is then adsorbed in a hygroscopic desiccant material called molecular sieve.
The new AdCap[R] product family consists of drop-in desiccant capsules for the protection of moisture-sensitive products.
Well proven extruded aluminium technology is utilised for the twin desiccant filled towers comprising each dryer, each tower being sealed with aluminium valve blocks at the top.
Increased inspection of containers awaiting shipment is especially important, because most metals suffer little or no corrosion when desiccant keeps the relative humidity below 50 percent.
They are suitable for applications in the medical, dental, food processing and packaging industries as well as powder coating, printing, laser technology, plasma cutting, pneumatic control and general manufacturing.Well proven extruded aluminium technology has been utilised for the twin desiccant filled towers comprising each dryer, each tower being sealed with aluminium valve blocks at the top.
Thus there is a need of a desiccant that can keep moisture at bay during the stages above.
Because of the high electrical consumption of conventional vapor compression systems, the solar desiccant cooling system has been considered as one of the promising alternatives to cooling air where the sensible and latent heats of air are removed separately [1].
Desiccant drying is the most widely used drying method and works by passing moisture-laden air through a canister containing desiccant.
A moisture-absorbing scoop may be made with DryKeep, a desiccant that absorbs three times more moisture than other desiccants.