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Synonyms for deshabille

the state of being carelessly or partially dressed

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Ou alors, au contraire, l'isolement dans une cellule glacee et humide ou l'on m'a jete apres m'avoir entierement deshabille. Ou encore, debout dans une cellule grillagee tellement petite que je ne peux pas m'asseoir!
Forgetting their morning deshabille and general untidiness, they rushed breathless with excitement to meet the regiment, and listened greedily to the band playing the march.
Posters for The National Gallery's current Veronese show zoom in on Mary Magdalene's exquisite face, and the fantastically coiffed, deshabille ladies of Paris Bordone's Two Women, a Cupid and a Soldier publicised the highly successful 'Houghton Revisited'.
Des que le baigneur se deshabille, [beaucoup moins que]El Kyass[beaucoup plus grand que] place autour de sa taille[beaucoup moins que]une Fouta[beaucoup plus grand que].
Kaufmann estime que, pendant le XXeme siecle, le corps est deshabille et etale toujours davantage, mais des nouvelles formes sociales interviennent a limiter cette liberte apparente.
What is responsible for India's current political deshabille? Look beyond the usual suspects such as corruption, mismanaged fiscal policies and a malfunctioning political apparatus (all of which have undoubtedly played their role) and you will spot the culprit -- the common man.
Straus provided the reckless buccaneering spirit that gave FSG its aura of intellectual deshabille, but it was Giroux who gave it literary distinction, "one its restless gut, the other its quiet brain," Kachka writes.
(11.) Paul Alt, J'ai Deshabille 10 000 Femmes (Paris: Pensee Moderne, 1976), 125.
Through Carsen's scenography, the exhibition unfolded like a film in which scenes in elegant interiors with women reposing in vaporous deshabille were followed by a fashion show.
Ese libro puede estar sometido a una rueda de madera o a un yugo de bueyes, o puede estar inscrito dentro de un deshabille de senora.
L'Etat demystifie et deshabille de ses apparats metaphysiques ne serait qu'un ensemble de fournisseurs de services.