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direct one's libidinous urges into another direction


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El Guindi (2012) pointed out that in order to save oneself from annoyance and redundant sexual advances in the workplace and community in traditional conservative societies, wearing hijab is a way to desexualize women in order to permit them to benefit from the same rights of total legal, financial, and political position as men.
The band deploys a series of devices to desexualize their romantic appeal.
Moreover, gender segmentation not only impacts migratory experiences but functions as a mechanism of labour control in itself, as employers dehumanize and desexualize workers in order to boost productivity and exercise additional discipline over migrants' non-work lives.
This absence in the literature is particularly problematic because it enables us to ignore the agency that Latinas have over their sexual expression, and promotes stereotypes that desexualize them.
A "sex disaster industry" has emerged linking federal and local governments with fundamentalist morality groups whose goal it is to propagate fear about sex, to desexualize the social environment, and to divide the population into the sexually "normal" (us) and everyone else (them).
It is my argument that in "The Artist of the Beautiful" Owen's sad and funny efforts to spiritualize (read: desexualize) his beloved express Hawthorne's own musings on more serious matters: how he and his wife--perpetual newlyweds--might so (re)consecrate their intimacy that they please Heaven and Art and thereby end guilty misgivings over the miscarried infant by together reconceiving "that very same little stranger." As the artist says to the wife, "it is as we go onward in life, when objects begin to lose their freshness of hue, and our souls their delicacy of perception, that the spirit of Beauty is most needed.
A second noticeable feature of the show, however, and one that works against its assimilative homonormative potential, is its refusal to desexualize either Thompson (whose role is equivalent to that of Queer Eye's Fab Five, save that he is not ministering to heterosexuals) or the weddings it produces.
This use of blackface to desexualize the performer, to be sure, was characteristic not only of Cantor, but of other popular stars of the period such as Sophie Tucker and Al Jolson.
The effect of Chalmers' reading, as Keevak clearly shows, is to remove all sexual ambiguity from the poems and to desexualize the Shakespeare biography.
On the other hand, one would have to have been very naive not to have felt that if the human race was able to desexualize its origins, then the event was of a greater significance than the simple bypassing of tubular sterility, that there were other motives that people were unaware of, and that it would not just stop there.