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direct one's libidinous urges into another direction


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Some critics of desexualization fear that employers will over-regulate.
While Tuhkanen quotes this same passage, and elsewhere refers to Deleuze, he does not here point out that Deleuze makes a virtually identical claim in Difference and Repetition when he argues that 'Thanatos is completely indistinguishable from the desexualization of Eros' (Deleuze, 1994, p.
How is it that these men, whom Alison Kafer discusses in "Desire and Disgust: My Ambivalent Adventures in Devot-eeism," can "portray themselves as members of a sexual minority whose desires have been pathologized," yet still manage to contribute to the "pervasive cultural desexualization of disabled women's bodies"?
Chapter four focuses on deviance and disavowal with regard to the desexualization of Chinese North American women.
For preliminary discussions of the question of aesthetic emendations, see Dominic Goodall, "Retracer la transmission des textes litteraires a l'aide des textes 'theoriques' de l'Alankarasastra ancien"; McCrea, "Poetry in Chains"; and Sheldon Pollock, "Review Article: Indian Philology and India's Philology." On the question of obscenity, see Bronner, Extreme Poetry, 159-69; and on the desexualization through reinterpretation of the Amarusataka, Bronner, Extreme Poetry, 183-92.
What Jonathan Goldberg critiques as Gallagher's 'preference for the elusive self' and her consequent 'desexualization' of Behn's texts is rather an insistence on the literal limits of textuality and on writing as necessarily mediated and second degree.
Nurses use desexualization and distraction to cope with such situations.5
Grant convincingly exemplifies how the musical tamed the sexuality of rock stars so as to fit the genre's patriarchal and romantic gender ideology by studying the construction of Paul Anka's teen idol image in the first rock documentary, Lonely Boy (1962), Elvis Presley's progressive desexualization as he is transformed into a movie star, and the Beatles' sexually non-threatening personae in A Hard Day's Night (1964) and Help!
Southern culture's desexualization of the white woman makes Alma emotionally frigid, driving Laura to the arms of a surrogate, Jane, and Tracy to the arms of a black surrogate, Nonnie.
1307 (2009) (identifying the key norms that structure intimate discrimination and contrasting how they operate along lines of race, homogamy; sex, heterogamy; and disability, desexualization); Michael L.
Within the (relatively) newly emergent field of disability studies, Eunjung Kim is working to raise critical awareness of the "cultural representations of asexual individuals with disabilities and their relationship with the totalizing perception of asexuality of disabled people." She argues that "perceived asexuality is constructed by social desexualization that denies the diverse sexual and asexual embodiments of disabled people." (16) Additionally, one of us, Cerankowski, is working not only within queer studies but also within performance studies to theorize what visibility means to asexual politics and how asexuality is performed in media appearances, in public spectacles, such as the aforementioned Pride parade, and in everyday life.
desexualization. Against this current, Johnson relibidinalizes the anus.
Such a site of potential anxiety--what if one of her black students began to desire her?--can be sustained only by means of desexualization. She may remain maternal to these students, but only at the cost of her husband, her leisure time, and her future as an actual mother.
The very title Novelle colle labbra tinte, by the way, may reveal precisely an "inorganic" tendency towards "treating the word as a sentient thing," (11) since it achieves what Perniola describes as the simultaneous sexualization of the literary word, (the "Novelle" possess "labbra" themselves), and the subsequent desexualization of the body or, even better, of a specifically sexual organ (the "labbra" are associated with a book, with the written word).