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We appeal to the relevant ministries in Bahrain yet again, please tighten the regulations allowing the importation of dogs and cats for breeding and introduce some sort of subsidised desexing policy for pets and stray animals, maybe linked to a pet owners' license scheme which will provide funding and revenue for the enactment of such a scheme.
MOSTOV, Julie (2000), "Sexing the nation / Desexing the body: Politics of national identity in the former Yugoslavia".
Phalen said one of Australia's largest islands, Kangaroo Island, located off the coast of Adelaide, is undertaking population control methods like desexing and hormone control because the 25,000 koala population has grown so significantly.
Stycos JM, Desexing birth control, Family Planning Perspectives, 1977, 9(6):286-292.
In other words, Lucy is allowed to remain a member of society but only through this desexing or disembodiment.
Media outlets again took notice as GLAAD protested the killer lesbian portrayals in Basic Instinct during the movie's 1991 filming, the desexing of lesbian characters in Fried Green Tomatoes (released that same year), and the deletion of a male-male kiss from the season finale of Melrose Place in 1994.