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Then there are those women with psychosexual inhibitions or neurotic problems, who use their desexed shoes as a pedic chastity belt.
The Seventies fashion of "human resources management" (maximizing the market value of the sum total of employee skills) is entirely passe, having given way to a new kind of fashion--a suitably desexed North American version of machismo: the cult of the "tough" executive who fires his subordinate without sentiment or hesitation.
Frantzen examines how three "desexed" female saints from Aelfric's prose piece Lives of Saints transcended their womanly bodies to conform to Aelfric's own belief that women could not earn salvation unless they acquired "a man's nature."(2) While Frantzen explores a few traits, his list of masculine- and feminine-coded characteristics is somewhat abbreviated.
In her essay on women's inebriety in Victorian and Edwardian Canada, Warsh reveals the ways in which normative notions of woman's purity, femininity, and domestic and maternal roles shaped the medical profession's conception of the female drunk as unnatural, desexed, and nearly impossible to cure.
Moy is not alone, however, in concluding that this leaves Song "desexed, and made faceless" (55).
In theory, a desexed female cat and its offspring can swell their numbers to 420,000 in six years, or 192 kittens per day.
By seeing the serpent as a symbol of the complementary duality of the spirit and flesh, the divine sexual aspect of the desexed mother Tonantzin-Guadalupe, one is potentially liberated from judging women and oneself based on a spirit versus flesh oppositional binary.
And you are, for a while, desexed. Or at least, your sex does not much matter anymore.
In his love letters to Angelina Grimke in 1838, Theodore Dwight Weld did something one would not expect from a man courting a woman: he repeatedly desexed his fiance in his rhetoric (and at moments even imaginatively remade her into a man) by conflating her with a male friend of his, Charles Stuart.
The stars of the entertainment industry, like Madonna or Whitney Houston, tended to have troubled personal lives, while the "safer" role models like Janet Reno and Madeleine Albright seemed desexed. They looked around and saw no woman whose life suggested that they could enjoy distinguished careers without sacrificing all hope of developing a rich personal lives.
Mainstream-published lesbian fiction is replete with lesbian characters who are mentally ill, who are batterers and/or engage in truly brutal sex or, alternately, desexed or asexual "lesbian" characters.
Just as activists attempt to make the disease appealing to the consumer by counteracting homophobic stereotypes with desexed images of AIDS martyrs, so the Quilt wraps the epidemic's infantilized victims in what amounts to a macabre security blanket, an ideological shield.
It is vaccinated, micro-chipped for identification, and desexed. Desexing is the process of removing the reproductive organs of an animal.
George/Lois is further "desexed" in that her maternal obligation is expressed in only the remotest forms of distracted interest.
In this case the germ is culture; the "girl" or consumer who is supposed to swallow and ingest it instead vomits it back in wrecked desubjectivized tidbits, strangely desexed into glamour molecules, in pretty colors.