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* Consolidation of 15 DESEX production sites into 1.
Virtual DESEX will have a router between the local area network (LAN) and the DESEX server to prevent non-DESEX LAN traffic from interfering with the DESEX server.
The Virtual DESEX interface and dialog design will create an environment in which users can navigate the system easily, with guidance offered by voice menus and prompts.
In my discussion of an unsexed mind and a desexed body, I have been analytically dividing mind and body to argue that the former is identified with gender and the latter with sexuality.
The centrality of private domestic virtue to the argument for women's rights infers a sexual relation that joins the desexed body to the unsexed mind through a rational and reproductive sexuality.
By sensuously describing the Sequoia Virgen's "burnt red flesh / vagina openings split / into two thick things/ of female eruption," Moraga puts erotic flesh back onto the desexed, de-eroticized Tonantzin-Guadalupe (126-27).