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Emmy, he remembered, was at one time cruelly and deservedly jealous of Rebecca, never mentioned her name but with a shrinking and terror--a jealous woman never forgives, thought Dobbin: and so the pair went across the street to Mrs.
Now, that Mr Merdle was already at no loss to discover means of occupying even his capital, and of fully employing even his active and vigorous intellect, Bar well knew: but he would venture to suggest that the question arose in his mind, whether one who had deservedly gained so high a position and so European a reputation did not owe it--we would not say to himself, but we would say to Society, to possess himself of such influences as these; and to exercise them--we would not say for his own, or for his party's, but we would say for Society's--benefit.
Remember, Duncan, how necessary your safety is to our own - - how you bear a father's sacred trust--how much depends on your discretion and care--in short," she added, while the telltale blood stole over her features, crimsoning her very temples, "how very deservedly dear you are to all of the name of Munro.
My father was a clergyman of the north of England, who was deservedly respected by all who knew him; and, in his younger days, lived pretty comfortably on the joint income of a small incumbency and a snug little property of his own.
And he died long after like a man, which I would like to tell you about, were the tale of it not so deservedly long.
There has been a late excellent and deservedly esteemed philosopher who, no doubt, has given it very much countenance, by seeming to think the having abstract general ideas is what puts the widest difference in point of understanding betwixt man and beast.
ROMELU Lukaku will grab the headlines from a famous FA Cup success - and deservedly so.
Newport's Geoff Miller deservedly won the Welsh man of the match award.
Saudi Arabia has been having a difficult time on the PR front lately -- and deservedly so.
Yet this relatively inexperienced side deservedly won 2-0, thanks to goals from Aarons, in his first match for two months, and then midfielder Moussa Sissoko, who came off the bench to seal the win with 15 minutes remaining.
The third goal finally - and deservedly - came on 40 minutes when Sean Williams fed Ellison who beat the offside trap to fire past Adam Nicklin.
Having recorded a similar score in the Setanta Cup, Drogheda will feel luck was on their side in this game with Sava deservedly hailed the hero.
Leam, who were down to 10 men following a Carl Richie penalty on 20 minutes, came back to deservedly book their place in the final with goals from David Kerr and Adam Thompson.
Story of the first half Walter Birsa ran the show for Slovenia and deservedly opened the scoring with a delightful left-footed curler from outside the box.
Summary: Blackburn deservedly saw off Lancashire rivals Bolton 3-0 to claim a second successive home victory in the Premier League.