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Synonyms for desertion

Synonyms for desertion

the act of forsaking


Synonyms for desertion

withdrawing support or help despite allegiance or responsibility

the act of giving something up

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Adultery, unreasonable behaviour, desertion and long-term separation are all circumstances that justify a divorce.
Gertrude Farr is collapsing in the aftershock of her husband being shot for desertion.
The German army maps indicate that Andersch's desertion is depicted with a precise sense of the topography, but with a slight inconsistency in the date.
Defining desertion as unpermitted absence from work, rather than limiting it to military contexts, Dutch historians offer a global and comparative perspective on what authorities and employers consider a breach of labor obligations, and workers consider a strategic act.
It said that the militants were depressed by the huge losses as cases of desertion from the frontline have become commonplace.
EDyRNE (CyHAN)- Turkish police used tear gas when illegal immigrant group, which are being accommodated as obligatory in repatriation center of Migration Administration Director of Edirne Governorship, attempted to collective desertion from the center in western Turkish province of Edirne on Monday.
SIR - I refer to the excellent article by Rachel Misstear (Western Mail, June 23) about the servicemen who were shot for desertion and cowardice in the First World War, and the moving story of Private William Jones, who was shot for desertion.
military with desertion and misbehavior before the enemy and could get life in prison if convicted.
While desertion is a problem that directly involves only a very small number of Soldiers within the U.
At his court martial, Byers had no legal representation and admitted a charge of desertion.
Nevertheless, desertion as a form of political resistance comes at a significant price to the principled military resister.
So while this year marks the 100th anniversary of the start of World War I, my heart aches for the families of the 306 soldiers executed for desertion or cowardice, most of whom were victims of what was then called shell shock, now called post-traumatic stress disorder.
Private James Grist Carr was a regular serving in the 2/Welsh 1 Division and was executed for desertion on February 7, 1916.
Mr Cotton contended there were no cases of desertion against his client.
The military official said Saadeddine's desertion and decision to join "a terrorist organisation" will be referred to the military tribunal.