desert lynx

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of deserts of northern Africa and southern Asia

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Tens of thousands of Iraqis evacuated their homes over the weekend as the Iraqi forces launched Operation Desert Lynx. The U.S.-lead coalition dropped two bombs on ISIS facilities in Hit on Friday as part of the operation.
Twenty-five species of mammals and 170 types of birds are found in a nature reserve covering an area of 1,400 hectares (3,500 acres), including striped hyenas, caracals -- also known as the desert lynx -- and the Arabian tahr.
He also shares his modest home with four other tigers, two lions, two bear cubs, plus a leopard, desert lynx and a pair of alligators.
Ad'aaj and Desert Lynx are the second and third favourites respectively.
Her favourite species of cat is the caracal, also known as the desert lynx. The largest of Africa's small cats the caracal is notoriously fierce and will kill far more prey than is needed for food.
The new vehicle will be marketed under the name Caracal, after the Afro-Asian cat known as the Desert Lynx. The Caracal is an all-terrain four-wheel drive vehicle with independent suspension and offers modular ballistic and anti-mine protection.
Charm, Cookie and Lion are the first desert lynx in the UK, apart from the two new arrivals that Cookie gave birth to 14 days ago.